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Breath of Fire

by Scintilla

Part 47: Extra Content, Part II

It's time for another bonus feature.

GBA Game Cover Art

This is the full version of the picture featured on the Japanese box for the Breath of Fire GBA port. It somehow manages to fit every character in, which is pretty impressive.

Official Character Art

Here's Bo about to shoot something. Bo was called Gilliam in the original Japanese version, but character limits forced a name change when the game was localized.

Monster Art

Early game monsters, ahoy. Super-saiyan style hair could not save the Glooms and Fleas from my sharp stabbing implements.

And here we have some of the more recent encounters. Zombies look much more threatening and disgusting here. The battle sprites look like they're dragging a pink skirt around behind them rather than a cluster of eviscerated organs.

Here are our current enemies, including some ~very sharp~ guards. Well, to be fair we haven't encountered the bottom right two yet, but we soon will.