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Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror

by Maynia

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Original Thread: Templars? What Templars? Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror



Because I have no concept of the word 'break' and I just plain love this series, here we go again! Broken Sword II, as you may have guessed by now, is the sequel to Broken Sword, which I just finished an LP of. Released in November 1997, it's the only game in the series not to follow the Knights Templar plotline of the first. Instead, it centres around South America, in particular Mayan Mayincatec myths and legends regarding the end of the world. This, of course, provides more opportunity for Revolution's artists to exercise their considerable talents - backgrounds and characters are all hand-drawn before being digitally cleaned up, and it shows - the game still looks good even by modern standards. As is fairly standard for this series, the witty and engaging dialogue is a particular strong point, and the developers didn't forget how to tell an entertaining story.

Unlike the first game, which ended up being remastered and ported to a slightly silly number of platforms, it only exists in PC and PS1 formats, and is available on both and Steam.

In which the mechanics of the LP are explained

As anyone who watched my BS1 LP will know, my preferred method for this variety of game is video with subtitles, and that holds true here. Updates happen on Wednesday and Saturday evenings, UK time, except in case of emergencies where I reserve the right to shuffle around a bit. Viddler remains Host Prime, DM is the backup because I can't quite get the quality to a level that I'm totally pleased with over there.


Episode I - Out of the Frying Pan...Viddler Dailymotion
Episode II - Art for Art's SakeViddler Dailymotion
Episode III - DocksideViddler Dailymotion
Episode IV - Twice a RescuerViddler Dailymotion
Episode V - To Far-Flung ShoresViddler Dailymotion
Episode VI - A Daring EscapeViddler Dailymotion (Part 1, Part 2)
Episode VII - In the JungleViddler Dailymotion (Part 1, Part 2)
Episode VIII - A Pirate's Life for MeViddler Dailymotion
Episode IX - Historical CuriositiesViddler Dailymotion (Part 1, Part 2)
Episode X - Zombie IslandViddler Dailymotion
Episode XI - Victory by StealthViddler Dailymotion
Episode XII - DoomsdayViddler Dailymotion
Episode XIII - The Smoking MirrorViddler Dailymotion
Bonus Episode I - Caprine WitViddler Dailymotion
Bonus Episode II - An Old FriendViddler Dailymotion
Bonus Episode III - Eyes of StoneViddler Dailymotion

Characters and Other Important Widgets

George Stobbart (Rolf Saxon) - The one constant element through the entire series, George is relatively unchanged by his experiences fighting the Neo-Templars in Broken Sword. Between the two stories, he was forced to return to America to care for his dying father, and lost contact with Nico as a result.

Nicole Collard (Flaminia Cinque) - Besides gaining a new voice actor, Nico is upgraded from chief plot-shover to actual playable character in BS2, accompanying George on many of his adventures rather than sitting around at home.

André Lobineau - Still a mine of historical information, still vaguely creepy around Nico. George's estimation of him has shifted from 'annoying' to 'direct rival' in the interim.

Pablo - Apparently in the service of Professor Oubier, this large, powerful Indian (as Stobbart insists on calling him) is a source of quite some trouble for our heroes.

Karzac - A suspected drugs kingpin, and very interested in certain Mayan artifacts...

Titipoco - "Titty what?"

Coyote Stone - A very valuable Mayan artifact, and the ultimate source of all the trouble George and Nico find themselves in.
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