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Original Thread: The Homicidal Clown Conspiracies - Broken Sword! [SubVLP]



What is this, and why should I care?

As you might have guessed by now, this block of text here is about Broken Sword - AKA Circle of Blood in America, The Knights of Baphomet in France and Baphomet's Curse in Germany (thanks to Coulis and Myron for providing that info!) - Revolution Software's third game after Lure of the Temptress and Beneath a Steel Sky, with which it shares a voice actor or two and an engine. It's also a damn good game, and generally regarded as one of the classic adventures from the time when the market still gave a crap about the genre.

In the nearly-14 years since release, it's been ported onto all sorts of platforms. The original exists in PC, Mac, PS1, PalmOS, Windows Mobile and GBA forms, and more recently a remastered Director's Cut was released for the Wii, the DS, the iPhone and the iPod touch. The second and third (for some reason) games in the series are also available on GOG and Steam.

Who are you, and why are you doing this?

My name is just on the left there, and I'm doing this, frankly, because I love this series and I think it deserved more exposure than it got. I've been lurking about the LP forum since before I even got an account, so honestly there's no real excuse for me to get this shit wrong.

How is this going to work?

Video with subtitles, since the game, not me, is the star of the show here and me jabbering over the top of it would just spoil things. Individual episodes will be probably about 20 minutes, give or take a bit if I find a natural breakpoint, which the game is fairly generous with. New videos will be released in thematic groups (which means sometimes two or even three videos for the price of none! Wondrous!) on Wednesday and Saturday evenings, UK time. Note that my definition of 'evening' can and will include anything up to midnight.

Important Note: Viddler is the main and recommended host. DM should only be used in the event of bizarre emergencies or incompatibilities, as I can't get the quality anywhere near as high as I'd like over there.


Episode the First: In which there is an ExplosionViddler Dailymotion
Episode the Second: In which a Clown is pursued into the SewersViddler Dailymotion
Episode the Third: In which we visit an Emporium of CostumeryViddler Dailymotion
Episode the Fourth: In which we make Progress in slightly the wrong DirectionViddler Dailymotion
Episode the Fifth: In which an Artefact is AcquiredViddler Dailymotion
Episode the Sixth: In which we venture AbroadViddler Dailymotion
Episode the Seventh: In which we interrogate the IrishViddler Dailymotion
Episode the Eighth: In which we have a Close EncounterViddler Dailymotion
Episode the Ninth: In which there is ExpositionViddler Dailymotion
Episode the Tenth: In which we are a Disgrace to the Medical ProfessionViddler Dailymotion (Part 1, Part 2)
Episode the Eleventh: In which Illegal Activities are ProfitableViddler Dailymotion
Episode the Twelfth: In which drops a Plot BombViddler Dailymotion
Episode the Thirteenth: In which we Tread the SandsViddler Dailymotion
Episode the Fourteenth: In which Fraud leads to AdventureViddler Dailymotion (Part 1, Part 2)
Episode the Fifteenth: In which the Dogs remain UnfedViddler Dailymotion
Episode the Sixteenth: In which Chess is the Path to SuccessViddler Dailymotion
Episode the Seventeenth: In which we Interfere with ArchaeologyViddler Dailymotion (Part 1, Part 2)
Episode the Eighteenth: In which we are Well-InformedViddler Dailymotion (Part 1, Part 2)
Episode the Nineteenth: In which a Train is DelayedViddler Dailymotion (Part 1, Part 2)
Episode the Twentieth: In which there is an EndingViddler Dailymotion
Bonus Episode the First: In which we discover the Consequences of certain Actions (post-Episode 5)Viddler Dailymotion
Bonus Episode the Second: In which Incautiousness is Punished (post-Episode 12)Viddler Dailymotion
Bonus Episode the Third: In which Dishonesty is Discouraged (post-Episode 14)Viddler Dailymotion

Main Characters and Other Stuff I deem Important

George Stobbart (Rolf Saxon) - Our wayward protagonist, an American tourist caught up in something much bigger than he thinks. Armed mostly with a sharp wit and a healthy dose of sarcasm.

Nicole Collard (Hazel Ellerby) A Parisian photojournalist working for La Liberté, mostly serving in tSotT to sound out George's ideas and provide the occasional plot-shove.

Inspector Lieutenant Augustin Rosso - A career policeman and a keen proponent of the concept of psychic detection, which unnerves George greatly.

Sergeant Brigadier Moue - A mostly-sensible underling, Moue tolerates his superior's eccentricities even if he does not entirely trust them. Also sounds rather like Lt. Steven Hauk from Good Morning, Vietnam, if you ask me.

André Lobineau A Professor of History working at the Crune Museum. A mine of information about the Templars among other things, even if he does come across as slightly creepy sometimes. Also hard enough to find a good image of that I had to borrow one from BS2.

The Manuscript

Old and Templar-ish and full of mysteries.

Non-Me Contributions Which be Exceedingly Cool

Coulis brings the awesome about a couple of references in the names Jarry and Ubu
LucyWanabe is highly observant of tapestries

Director's Cut Plot Additions - SPOILER ALERT

The recent Director's Cut adds a moderate amount of gameplay onto the start of the game, in which the player controls Nico, adding a little more background to the story before George even arrives in Paris. Nico's side-story continues to about half-way through the game,where it rather abruptly ends. A summary of the pre-original portion follows:

Nico Collard, a Parisian photojournalist working for La Liberté, is instructed to meet media tycoon and potential presidential candidate Pierre Carchon for an interview at the Palais Royale. After a brief encounter with a costumed mime, Nico is introduced to Carchon, who mentions that he knew her father. After Pierre goes to investigate the sound of a breaking vase, Nico overhears a scream and a gunshot and follows to find him dead, apparently shot by the mime, who knocks her unconscious.

Pierre's wife, Imelda, agrees to allow Nico to investigate. Clues found on Pierre himself and the room where he was killed lead her to the Île de la Cité, where an extremely complex lock protects a coded message. Decoded, it reads:

"Pierre. Full report to follow. But this is too urgent to wait. Arno and Yamada both dead. This is not a coincidence. Indeed it seems that all of us who came together in July are in danger. Take great care. X"

Nico contacts her editor with the details, but he refuses to publish the story. Carchon evidently had powerful friends, and powerful enemies. This is only the beginning, however, as a man identifying himself only as Plantard calls her, with instructions to meet him at the Cafe de la Chandelle Verte the next morning...
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