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by Vexation

Part 2: Setup

Part 0: Setup

Ok before we get to any of the action we have to setup our team. If you don't care about this stuff check back later.

To make a character you have to pick their race, their class, and assign stat points.

There is not a huge deference between the races and it has no effect on the story line.

Desert Runners get a bonus to strength and health and make the best melee fighters but cannot be rouges or medics while Tinkers are pretty weak and receive huge bonuses to technical skills but are limited to being either medics or engineers.

Terrans, Martians, Mecurians and Venusians are all pretty similar and can choose to be any classes.

Next are the classes. All of them are pretty standard fare for RPG's except for maybe the Rocket Jock. The RJ is basically a glorified pilot whose only main skill is being able to steer a ship through space without horribly dying. Luckily that is an important skill to have in this game.

Each class gets a handful of skills that they can specialize in along with general skills that anyone can choose.

For the purpose of this LP I went ahead and created one character for each class and race and added them to the team.

I just gave them generic names for the time being. If anyone has any halfway decent names they would like me to use I can easy change them.

First up, the Rocket Jock.

His main skills are being able to pilot a rocket, maneuvering in zero gravity and being able to use a jetpack. You know, spacey stuff.

His secondary skills are eloquently running his mouth off and being able to talk to animals. Decidedly less spacey stuff.

Next is the Warrior.

His skills are no big surprises. Mainly tactics and leadership which lets him recruit NPCs into battle.

Secondarys are in tracking and the overall useless skill Intimidation. Whatever
could he possible use this for?

Unique to Warriors is the ability to specialize in a weapon. The only weapon worthy of such a thing is of course the all mighty Mono Sword.

The Engineer is up next. They concern themselves mainly with keeping spaceships from imploding in the harshness of space.

To make some extra money on the side they dabble in demolitions, repairing weapons, and panel operations.

Medics are pretty straight forward. He doesn't have enough proficiency in light and serious wounds yet to cure critical ones but that will change eventually.

For hobbies he enjoys astronomy and reading.

Finally we have the Rogue who receives a huge innate bonus to all "grey-market" skills.

And to round out her hacking skills out I threw in some programming.

Anyway I sure you're probably good and bored by now and all the numbers are making your head hurt but stay tuned for the first exciting chapter of BUCK ROGERS: COUNTDOWN TO DOOMSDAY!

Ps. Names.