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Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday

by Vexation

Part 3: Orientation at 8:15, Murder at 9:00

Part 1: Orientation at 8:15, Murder at 9:00

: Oh my god it's Buck Rogers!

: Calm down there buddy it's just a hologram.

: Man this sucks. Buck was the reason I volunteered to join the service.

: I know, I was there remember? And also I believe when the recruiter puts a gun to your head it's called conscription not volunteering.

: Well whatever, as long as I get to captain my very own space ship I'll be happy.

: Umm there's like a hundred other pilots at this thing with us. I don't think there's enough ships to go around.

: Crap your right, the only way I would get a ship is if they all died in some horrible cataclysm or something.

: Yeah and what's the odds of that happening?

: Man we've been here for like an hour now and these chairs suck.

: Quiet, I think a movie is starting.

Boo! I was promised free weapons not a goddamn hippie film!

: Hey bastard down in front!

: What did you say to me!

: I said sit your ass down before I put it down!

: ...

: Better watch out, this guy has muscles in places we don't even have parts.

: Oh god he's going to kill us!

: Bwaha! You got guts I'll give you that. The name's Maur.

: I'm Hank and the guy wetting himself next to me is Rick.

: Umm hi. I'm going to be a mighty spaceship captain one day!

: Well I don't know nothing about that space stuff but if you ever need a strong arm for your crew just let me know.

: Deal!

: Yes please get on with it I have important work to do back at the lab.

: I know you're a busy man doctor and I'll try to make this quick.

: Any questions?

: When do we get to meet Buck Rogers?

: Captain William Rogers is extremely busy on secret missions through out the galaxy and does not have time to meet the new recruits.

: So does that mean later?

: It means never.


: Wait a second, space suits and bolt guns. You call this equipment? Where's my mono sword dammit?

: Do we look like we're made of mono swords? You'll take that bolter and like it recruit.


: Well that was a total waste of time.

: I'll say. No Buck, no ship. Life can't get any worse.

Sweet Jesus!

: Muha, finally some action!

Oh this is bad. I must get back to the medic station.

: Since when are you the boss?

Since everyone ranked higher than me was turned into goo, now hurry!

: Hold on man you're going to be fine.

: ...missle controls... main room... enemy must have cut automatics!... activate the defenses... *bleh*

: Or maybe not.

: I think it would be a wise idea to find this control room and restore the anti-air defenses.

: Ah! Where did you come from?

: I've always been here.


: Who are these jerks anyway?

: You're not serious are you? Their obviously RAM forces.

: What's RAM?

: They are the Russo-American Mercantile. We have been at war with them for decades.

: Right, and who are we again?

: We're NEO.

: ...

: *sigh* The New Earth Organization. We're good, they're bad. Got it?

: Yay!

: In fact is seems a few of those chaps are heading our way now.

: Ok anyone that's not currently dead or dying fall in line.

: Lay down your weapons and we promise to not make your deaths quick and painless.

: Tempting but we'll have to pass.

: Just stand back. I can handle these punks.

: Be my guest.

: First though I have to get rid of these piece of crap bolter.


: Blargh we're dead!

Whoo-hoo free loot.

Keep the smartsuit and a couple laser pistols. The rest is crap.

: What a bloody waste.

: I know doc I loved that couch too.


: Hey wait a second guys. I know where the barkeep hides his private stash.

: Not the Booze!

: Die you scotch hating monsters!
: Erk!

: Well finally here we are. I thank you gents for the escort but your services are no longer required.

: Aw Doc we were just getting started. Are you sure you won't come with us?

: Certainly not, I have important duties to attend to.

Yes, I thanked your properly but now you have to leave.

: But Doc... ow lady that hurts!

: Here nurse let me do that, please return to your duties.

: That can't be good.

: Well... it appears there is nothing more that I can do here.

: Snap out of it Doc we've got work to do.

: Yes, your right. Let's go.

: This is the control room the dying officer was talking about.

: Where the hell do you keep coming from!

: They must not reach the control panel!

: This is for the innocents you killed!

: Common Doc you've got to put some power behind your words like this. Die You Red Commie Scum!

: Bleh!

: And this is for the Couch!

: Guh!

: Oh no! Shiv's down.

: Who?

: The rogue.


: Without their leader their doomed.

Oh noes! I'm getting the hell out of here!

Now hold on, let's plan this out.

: Charge!

For the mother land!

: Oh shit!

: Banzai!

: Maur no wait!

: Holy crap you did it! How are you feeling?


: We did it we're all hero's!

All: Yay!

: *gurgle*

Stay tuned for the next exciting installement!