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Part 4: Act 3

Someone please tell me if that advice works, this game deserves to be played and I might just have some some plans for multiplayer when this is done. In the meantime here's
(cut version) with Lesbiathan and Zain

In which we explore a large habitable dam, finally catch up to the last surviving Final Echo trooper and witness the gang war going on between the Creeps and the Skullz.

About that cave at the start of the act, there's a lot of graffiti on the walls, most of it is just "TO THE SURFACE" and "SKULLZ" with some art of a skull on it. However, we can see the Skullz refer to the Creeps as "Topsiders" on some of it. Exactly why that is we've yet to see, but they are heavily mutated, and we've already seen some heavy uranium mining operations going on outside the city so it might be getting easier to connect the dots.

Oh and here's a little something I made earlier: