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Bully: Scholarship Edition

by VivaVizer

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Original Thread: Oh god, we're back in high school! Let's Play "Bully: Scholarship Ed."[VLP]




Bully is an open-world adventure game set at a school released by Rockstar Vancouver in 2006 on the PS2. The game was re-released for the Wii, Xbox 360, and PC in 2008. You play as James "Jimmy" Hopkins, a rebellious teenager, as he starts school at Bullworth Academy, a New England boarding school. As the school year goes on, Jimmy will be able to explore more of the town surrounding the school as well as interact with more people. Along the way, Jimmy will gain new weapons, attacks, and vehicles appropriate for school theme like slingshots, headbutts, and bikes. Jimmy will not go "Niko Bellic" on anyone but the game does control a lot like a Grand Theft Auto game.

A big part of makes Bully different from GTA are the persistent characters. As in, all the characters in this game are persistent. They all have their own name, unique and smartly-written dialogue, and distinct voice. Even the minor ones that you rarely interact with. Additionally, Jimmy can interact with the other characters in various of ways from violent to the romantic. Yes, even with some of the boys.

Additionally, like any good school, there are various cliques who are often fighting for control or just fighting because the cliques hate each other. Jimmy while rebellious is not a jackass and generally tries to do the right thing. How will his time at Bullworth Academy shape him and how will he shape the school?

LP Style

This will be a video Let's Play with plenty of verbal commentary. Bully has plenty of game mechanics and content in the game that can't really be explained all at once so I'll be mentioning a bit of it here and there between story missions. Overall, we'll touch upon every mechanic eventually while enjoying everything that Bully has to offer.


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