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Part 35: Spring 1965: Post-Vote

After assigning the new Gemini teams, new missions are set up for next season. As a side note, the Lunar Pass is at -4 due to... no lunar probe landings, I believe. Nothing too major.

The single team on the Kicker B this year does twice as well as the pair did last time. That strikes me as funny somehow. The Saturn V also makes a very nice jump in safety.


I think someone might be getting ahead of themselves a little bit here, all things considered.

Another year, another entire budget spent in the Spring. This time, however, something a little different is happening. You know, for novelty's sake.

A blatant attempt at money grabbing! That has a high chance of failure because I'm not paying to fix that problem with the Proton from turns and turns ago! Because somebody needs to play this game the right way: stupidly riskily, and I guess it's going to have to be me. That'll be all for this turn.

Spring 1965 Launches

Man, a failure on the 94% safety Gemini. That sucks.

That one went a little better. 2 Prestige isn't much, but the Photo Recon is far more valuable.