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Part 8: The Air-Filled Tunnels(Part 1) - Documents

The Reef of Satan
February 10, 1922

Early Evening

Did I really see what I think I saw, or was it another hallucination? I can't
be sure any longer. Surely these things can't exist in any rational universe,
but then, how could any human imagination - even an insane one - produce such

And why do some of the things - the shapes, the words they use - seem so
familiar? That's the question that's eating at me.

Are they connected to my lost memories - and if so, what on Earth happened to
me during the six missing years? Or was it even on Earth?

I need to get a grip on myself and look for any other survivors from the wreck
of the Urania. I hope I'm not alone on this hellish rock, with these - these
things. I must be careful, though. I've seen for myself what they do to
unwelcome visitors.