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by Iron Chitlin

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Original Thread: 2007: A LP to the Past/Casual LP thread



This was the first and only project to be completed by the now defunct Headfirst Productions. Originally being envisioned as the starting point of a series of games using the Call of Cthulhu tabletop game brand, Dark Corners of the Earth(DCotE for short) was ultimately a commercial failure and resulted in the studio shutting down shortly after release.

DCotE is based loosely on the events of two different H.P. Lovecraft short stories(novellas?). The main inspiration is "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" with the ruined port city being the primary setting for the game and many events mirroring the story exactly. The other source of inspiration is "The Shadow out of Time" which takes a backseat to the more Innsmouth centered plot, ultimately coming together towards the end of the story.

DCotE lovingly recreates the source material with a well done execution of slow building atmosphere that really nails the style of Lovecraft's writing within an interactive space. In spite of a few missteps and a plethora of game breaking bugs it manages be one of my all time favorites. Early on the game masterfully builds it's atmosphere and provides a growing sense of unease followed by outright panic, then it turns into a substandard shooter which tramples all over the good will that was built by the beginning of the game. In much the same way, this LP will feature a bunch of shrieking idiots talking over the game.

Update 1: Prologue / Documents

Update 2: A Visit to the Old Town / Documents

Update 3: Attack of the Fishmen / Documents

Update 4: Escape From Innsmouth / Documents

Update 5: The Marsh Refinery (Part 1) / Documents

Update 6: The Marsh Refinery (Part 2)

Update 7: The Esoteric Order of Dagon / Documents

Update 8: A Dangerous Voyage / Documents

Update 9: Devil's Reef / Documents

Update 10: The Air-Filled Tunnels(Part 1)

Update 11: The Air-Filled Tunnels(Part 2) / Documents
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