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Part 3: Tooth 3. Facial Insalubrity.

Tooth 3. Facial Insalubrity.

Edgar's stats

Naiveté 10

Bitterness 1
Deduction 2
Examination 1
Observation 3
Persuasion 1
Searching 2
Spying 1
Taxidermy 1

: It's time to make some money with those skills.

: By taking compromising photos of a couple in this hotel. On the outside only the fire stairs and the window catch Edgar's eye.

: These are the fire stairs. They lead to hotel rooms. Interesting!

: Nice big windows!

Windows > Spying [1]

: Hmm, the clerk is trying to remove the bell from the counter. It seems the bell has been welded there. I guess he doesn't like the music.

: Perhaps, we can put the knowledge to use. Let's head in.

Bell > Ring

: I'm right in front of you!

: Hmm... Let's do it again.

: The same dialogue plays. One more time.

: That's all we get out of the bell. We can't go up the stairs to search for the couple.

: I don't think a direct approach is appropriate in this situation.

: Well then, all that's left to see in the scene is the plant, the cane hiding behind the counter, and the desk clerk.

: The plant is in a pitiful state.

: Aren't you ashamed of criticizing the poor plant? It can't even defend itself!

: No, I have accumulated a lot of frustration lately. I do what I can to let of some steam.

: We can further humiliate the plant by using the magnifying glass.

: The deteriorated specimen is crawling with vermin. In fact, it really belongs in this place.

: Here you go again, are you plantophobic or something?

: How lucky Gaspard gave Edgar that course on tin can observation. It's the most useful skill so far.

: There's a cane behind the counter.

Clerk > Talk

: Whew! It's hot out there!

: That's really interesting, what you just said.

Clerk > Examination [1]

: Have you noticed an illegitimate couple, perchance? They come here regularly. She calls her man: Italian stallion.

: Well, not very subtle. He's ugly, she's ugly... They go well together.

: In which room are they?

: Hey! I got work ethics! I'm not one to spread personal information all over the place!

: Somehow, that failure does boost the skill. At least we've confirmed the couple is here.

Clerk > Persuasion [1]

: We need both. Starting with the cane.

: You definitely need to give me this cane.

: What makes you think that? I rather intend to sell it to a pawn shop.

: Try a different approach.

: I slept here recently and I forgot a cane...

: You never came here!

: Damn.

: Good lord! I sprained my ankle on your broken pavement.

: So what? I'm not a doctor!

: Maybe not... but I'm am lawyer! I'll sure you for criminal neglect, facial insalubrity and indecent assault!

: No! Not that! The house will offer you a free night!

: I will not spend another minute in this death-trap you dare call a hotel! But perhaps I could settle for this can right there... it might come in handy in my new life as a cripple.

: Of course, I'll give it to you right now!

: Now, let's persuade him to tell us bout the couple.

: Hey Brother, tell me in which room they are.

: Why?

: I'm a friend of the cheating woman. I've come to tell her that her husband is coming back from work.

: Oh, I see, it's humanitarian work... They're in room 12.

: That nets Edgar another persuasion point.

: Persuading the clerk, the video.

: Outside, the walking stick solves the fire ladder puzzle.

: Up we go.

: Hmm... Not a bad idea.

: ...and considering what I'm currently seeing... ...gulp... I presume this is room 12. Let's see how this camera works...

: Here's one.

: If you look at the two shots above closely, you'll see that the wall texture changed. It happened when the game switched from the engine scene to an .mpg movie of picture taking.

: I think this one was better already.

: The camera has no flash. Edgar would have probably set the whole block on fire.

: Ok, that's enough.

: It's time to report in and get paid.

: Don't you know how to use it?

: I have the compromising pictures of the illegitimate couple!

: Give that to Jeannine, she'll develop them for you.

: Already giving me extra work? I knew hiring you would only mean trouble.


: Bringing pornography to work, huh? I'll make you doubles. You might learn something from it, Snow White!

: And then she laughs. *shudder*

: Hey! How do you know that...

: Zip it and come back when you've lost your virginity.

: A video of Jeannine laughing and making speech-like noises.

: Now we can hand the photos to Gaspard.

: Edgar, the perfectionist.

: We can see what there is to see. You've closed your first case, son, congratulations. You deserve a little bonus. Here's two dollars, don't spend it all on chocolate.

: With two dollars weighing down Edgar's pocket we visit the police station.

: Not an ounce of meat left on the poor thing! Ask for the latest news!

: Kid Butterfly is the reason we need the cold hard cash.

: A young boy forced to work to make a living... Ah! The big city's misery! In comparison, I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth!

: Wouldn't you be Gaspard's new assistant?

: Why yes! How did you know that?

: Knowledge is my speciality. By the way, don't you think an informer like me could be of use? Considering you know nothing about Montreal or this job in general?

: Yes, I suppose that it could be a good idea. What would you like in exchange, candy?

: Subscription to the newspaper is 50 cents, and the subscription to Kid Butterfly, that's yours truly, is also 50 cents.

: A dollar?! You crook!

: A single dollar to get both the official and officious news isn't that expensive. And please consider that I have s syphilitic mother to take care of. As well as five illegitimate brothers and sisters!

: A dollar is half of all our money! Piss off, kid.

: No! I won't be ripped off by a kid.

: As you wish, Boss! After all, you're only risking your whole career.

: He drives a hard bargain.

: Are you ready to accept my proposal?

: Ok, but it's robbery!

: Edgar is now better at robbery.

: Perfect, so now you can count on me. And here's today's newspaper.

: Edgar's case file has a number of updates.

: By the time I remember to check those the cases are already cracked. We still have an open one.

: Hopefully, the police will be able to provide us with more information.

: Hey, look, this guy also has a bell!

: This is not me reusing the .gif, it's the game reusing the .mpg from the hotel.

: What's your problem? I'm right here in front of you!

: I just love music.

: No easy skill gains here, but hiding in the back of the room is the notice board.

: It seems there's a reward for a luxury lighter. The lighter in question was last seen swallowed by a circus camel. A note was added mentioning the owner of the lighter died recently. I suppose they left the sign there to warn people against smoking camels.

: I haven't seen anyone smoke a whole camel befor... Wait, there was a camel in Edgar's room, wasn't it?

: That looks like a nerd elbow-deep in a stuffed camel. At least he didn't start with the other end.

: How did a lighter swallowed by the camel made it all the way into its stuffing? Edgar's uncle is indeed eccentric.

: Back to questioning the police.

> Talk

: So, how are the protectors of law and justice?

: Who?

: You know... the police!

: I don't know what you're talking about.

> Examination [2]

: Can you tell me who's in charge of the antique shop robbery?

: Huh? What? What's the matter again? Listen, if it's not about a murder in progress, let us do our job.

: Hey, you public servant! I'm paying for your salary, so get moving!

: Oh yeah, that argument. Like it's the first time I hear it. So, what is it you wanted to know?

: Who's the detective in charge of the antique shop robbery?

: Hmm... Let's see... Wait... It's all coming back... Hmm... It's almost there! Romeo Duguay, that's who.

: Thank you, now may I speak to him?

: Absolutely not!

: After this the cop becomes available for

> Persuasion [3]

: Let me speak to detective Duguay!

: My God! I am so totally intimidated! Mommy! I'm being intimidated!

: Alright, you can stop now, I get it.

: Help! Help!

: Intimidated policeman, now on video.

: Well, shit. There's nothing more we can get out of him, but...

: Let's see how Telesphore sings when we hit him with

> Examination [3]

: A fine connoisseur such as myself! You should know that I have a diploma from the Sorbonne! Not some worthless paper issued by a rural institution. I've travelled all around the world to gather this most exquisite collection of...

: Don't choke, brother... I'm sure you know your stuff and I understand you. To sell a fine piece to an ignorant is like feeding pearls to pigs! A fool comes in to buy Napoleon's hat, why not give him this simple satisfaction? And then you can keep the real stuff for the elite. But between us, Hermes playing poker is pretty weak by all standards.

: Alright, I admit I might sell a dubious artifact once in a while. But I've always done it so save real antiques with the money.

: And what about the Mayan sculpture? Is it real?

: A very good imitation. I would have made a fortune with it.

: Interesting. So the robber left with a fake, uh? Alright, I'll do everything to find your very good imitation.

: May I trust you not to spread the word about... hum... ...I could lose all my business you know?

: Trust me.

: With that piece of info extracted, it's about time we found a way to talk to the police detective.

: You know how to read, just buy the newspaper! It's all in there.

: The kid is of no use here.

: Let's give it a shot.

: I gave it to you just two days ago!

: I paid you two days ago! I paid you two days ago! That's all they can say, young people, nowadays! Ah! If my late husband was still here, he certainly would show you the good manners, believe me!

: But I guarantee you that my rent is paid!

: Ah! How dare you take advantage of a defenseless widow! Consider yourself lucky that I have to go somewhere now.

: Right. That still doesn't get us anywhere.

: Gaspard is the man we need.

> Talk > Small talk

: Not so fast, boy! In this business, you have to show yourself worthy and earn your badges. Solve a few cases, learn how to hold your booze and your tongue, and most importantly, get it in your head that the school benches are behind you. When you'll have proven yourself, we'll raise the desk by one or two centimetres.

: You mean it's adjustable?

: But of course! We only have the most up to date office furniture. I don't want to see you fiddling with it, though.

> Talk > Small talk

: So, how are things progressing?

: Not too bad, but you know mighty oaks from little acorns grow, as they say...

: Go get some fresh air, I think you're brain is overheating.

: "You're brain" is unwell. What we actually need to do is

> Talk > Police

: It depends on the policeman.

: A detective by the name of Romeo Duguay is on the antiquarian case. I'd like to speak to him, but the desk officer is blocking me.

: Romeo? That's great, he owes me plenty. I'll give him a ring and mention your name. Just tall the front desk cop you're there on my behalf. That should get you through.

: Thanks boss!

: If I were you, I'd go fetch detective Duguay immediately...

: And why would that be?

: I'm here on Gaspard Lemaotre's behalf, to whom Romeo owes a lot. I don't think he'd be very happy to learn that you're wasting my time.

: I sure hope for your own sake that you're not lying...

: Yes, that's true.

: Interesting... How may I help you?

: The hell? When Romeo warps into the room, it changes a little.

Romeo > Talk

: You're in charge of the antique shop robbery?

: That's right.

: Any promising leads at the moment?

: Not really. Mr. Doucet is known to be pretty hard in business. For the moment we're investigating the 'frustrated customer' angle.

: Ah. This point. Both Talk and Barter have the same result story-wise and only a small difference in the dialogue. However, missing out on the point gain here locks Edgar out of ever successfully using the skill in the entire game.

> Barter [1]

: If I came up with a new lead for the antique shop case would you pay me ten cents?

: Hmm... That's a reasonable price...

: Have you noticed a Byzantine icon was also stolen from the antique shop?

: Really? I guess we overlooked that. Not bad for a beginner.

: Is that a skill gain or a karma gain?

: Does that mean anything to you?

: Hmm... An icon... Well, there was that small-time thief by the name of Ivan Shopliftin... He was a real icon lover. I haven't heard of him in a long time, but it could be a lead.

: You remember our deal?

: Yes, here are your ten cents.

: Free money!

: Edgar prices himself, the video.

: We can talk to Romeo again for no particular reason.

: Anything new in the antique shop case?

: No, not really. Most of our agents are busy crushing union demonstrations.

: Look at all these awesome stats! Edgar is growing. And we are ready to follow the new lead immediately.

: Does the name Ivan Shopliftin ring a bell?

: Yeah.

: Would you know where to find him?

: Yeah.

: Then where?

: For 50 cents I'll bring you to him.

: But I've already given you a dollar!

: That was for the general subscription to my services. The info is paid by the piece. If you want Ivan, you better pay up.

: The nerve of that little shit... Too bad we grinded.

> Barter [2]

: Your subscription thing doesn't work. It's worthless if you end up paying every service anyways. I'll forget you tried to rip me off but you'll consider the 50 cents I gave you earlier as payment for this info.

: Oh well, alright, it was as scam, really.

: Nice. Two skill gains from one NPC.

: Let's go then!

: Ah... that was too good to be true.

: He's dead...

: Eh! I told you I'd bring you to him... I never pretended he would be alive!

: Very amusing. I guess one learns from ones mistakes.

: You said it! See you.

: Here lies Ivan Fedorovitch Kalita, aka Ivan Shopliftin. Crime doesn't pay, apart from maybe this quality funeral monument.

: Ridicule, in motion. The Kid's facial animation is something.

: Trivia for today: Ivan Daniilovich Kalita was a XIV century duke of Moscow, who through good relations with the Golden Horde (i.e. they didn't kill him) amassed respectable wealth. He used the money to straight up buy lands from the neighbours, or lent enough dosh to them so that their debts could serve as an excuse to take the land by force. The guy was a solid Crusader Kings 2 player. Oh, and Kalita was his nickname, meaning a money purse.