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Part 8: Tooth 8. Double Ration.

Tooth 8. Double Ration.

Edgar's stats

Naiveté 8
Reputation 2

Barter 4
Bitterness 1
Break-in 1
Corruption 3
Deduction 3
Examination 4
Music 2
Observation 6
Persuasion 6
Scam 1
Searching 3
Spying 3
Tail 1
Taxidermy 1
Ventriloquy 2
Wrestling 2

: There was a question in the thread about the fate of neighbour hit with the golf club. I checked the footage and couldn't find the tiny bit of dialogue that mentioned him. Then it turned out you get that by talking to Romeo before Edgar figures out the plot. First, let's see what happens when Edgar tries to leave without bribing the neighbour.

: Are you trying to leave without sharing?

: [Bloody tosser!] (VA: Bloody Klingon(?))

: Gah, what is this word he's saying???

: Toss the club, have a dream, D-Day. Romeo has a whole bunch of missable dialogue at this point.

> Talk > McCullough

: Have you found M. McCullough?

: No, and that case is becoming even more complicated.

: How is that?

: We found his old mother dead in the basement. She had a heart attack. We think she might have surprised a burglar.

: Any suspects?

: Probably the neighbor. We found him with a golf club belonging to Mr. McCullough.

: The... gulp... neighbor? Did he say anything?

: No, he doesn't remember anything. That guy is so clumsy he knocked himself down trying to play golf. Simply ridiculous.

: Ah ah! Yes, very much so.

: How club tossing leads to extremely nervous laughter, the video.

> Talk > Mayan sculpture

: Have you found the Mayan sculpture in Mr. McCullough's house?

: Yes, it was lying around in the garage. It will soon be brought back to its owner. We told Telesphore it was found with your help. So you shouldn't worry about your salary.

: That's very nice of you.

> Talk > Strozzi

: What do you make of the Strozzi brothers?

: Hopeless case. We stopped pursuing them, because each time they're arrested the court releases them for mental incapacity. Their mother isn't so bad either. I hope you meet her sometime.

: Speaking of the Strozzi brothers (I'll get the new newspaper later).

: What do you know about the Strozzi brothers?

: According to the legend, each time Mario sees a mirror he goes: 'hello Luigi'. And vice-versa.

: Anyway, back to the farmers trying to find the final solution.

> Talk > Problem

: It's that communist jew, he's stealing the meat right off our cows! What are we supposed to do with meatless cows that don't even give milk!

: Yeah!

: Hey! It's true that I'm a communist, and a jew, and albino also... But I would never touch a cow, I'm a vegetarian!

: You're only making it worse.

: See, we told you he wasn't clean, he's a man-witch!

: Vegetarian means he doesn't eat meat. So what would be the motive for the crime then?

: Listen, Mister 'I'm clean and I come from the city'... We are simple people... When we have a problem, we find somebody that is too much on the weird side and lynch him. End of story.

: Yeah!

: I see...

: The moment Edgar has been waiting for...

: Come on guys, be reasonable and let him go. I know that somewhere within you, you know he doesn't have anything to do with this.

: But he can read our minds!

: Death to the man-witch!

: Consider yourself lucky we already have the man witch, it could have been you!

: You!

: You!

: Believe me, it's a waste of time and effort. They don't really think like you and me.

: You!, the video. I'm pretty sure the voices outnumber the farmers at least 3 to 1.

: Maybe the priest will help us with freeing the communist...

> Talk

: Hello, son.

: Just chilling out?

: Contemplating...

: My name's Edgar, I'm from Montreal.

: My name's Lionel, and I'm busy.

> Talk > Small talk

: So... How is the... farming and stuff?

: Do yourself a favor and go back to the prostitutes, gamblers and drunkards. You'll be more in your element.

: But I'm not...

: Tssst! He may lie boldly who comes from afar!

> Talk > Mexican

: I'm looking for a Mexican indian in the area.

: A Mexican?! Here!? Really, I wonder what kind of air you're breathing in the big cities...

: I understand you haven't seen him.

: We still need to free the communist.

> Talk > Communist

: Father, the communist is innocent. You should do something, they'll listen to you.

: Why should I? If he was only Jewish, perhaps, there's a spiritual relationship. But as a communist, he's devoted to materialism. Why would God help someone that considers Him the opium of the people.

: But God is almighty, what does He care if one believes in Him or not? He cares for everyone!

: Harsh.

Clearly, the best way to deal with a priest.

: Do you think you and me could work something out for the communist?

: Well, the church needs all the contributions it can get, my boy. Just show be the goods and we'll see what we can do!

: Why, yes, Bernard is going to give away the stolen Telesphore's priceless fireproof fake Byzantine icon.

: It's only a hunch, but I'm sure an authentic Byzantine icon would add a nice little touch to this small country church.

: A Byzantine icon? Oh! Father Thibodeault of the neighbour parish would just die of jealousy! Are you serious?

: Very much so!

: The Lord just told me the communist must be left alone! He said the cows were being punished for provoking counter-nature desires in some of you.

: Edgar...

: A double gain? Awesome!

: Buying the voice of God, the video.

: The communist is our fifth training dummy. And a lot of other things.

: Yea, yes... of course...

> Ant

: Look! It's a communist ant!

: All ants are communist! They deny their individuality for the common good! One day, humanity will recognize in them a model to follow.

> Wrestling [2]

: One frame really caught my eye...

: We've returned to the pre-industrial world!

> Scam [1]

: Hey! I'm coming from the city and the revolution just took place! Class struggle is finally over!

: You think I'm a fool? I would have noticed... According to the scriptures, when the revolution will take place...

: This is the most thing.

: I'm no specialist, but I think you're mixing things up here.

: Man of little faith!

> Ventriloquy [2]

: Not bad, your little ventriloquy trick. But it sounded more like my hat speaking.

: Practice makes perfect!

: At last let's just talk.

: I haven't done anything, it's God you have to thank.

: Very funny.

: Mocking a communist, the video.

> Talk > Small talk

: What's a communist doing in this remote location? Apart from playing the scapegoat of course. I mean, isn't the revolution supposed to take place in industrial centers?

: The police told me to stay out of town, so I just drift here and there. But I'm not completely idle, I've organized the village idiot soviet.

> Talk > Mexican

: Alright, let's get down to business... Do you know where I can find the Mexican I'm looking for?

: Yes, he arrived at the beginning of the week. He told me he needed a hideout to organize the Mexican revolution.

: And you believed him?

: Not really, but marginal people have to help each other. I led him to an abandoned warehouse not far from here. I'll tell you how to get there.

: Thank you.

: Hey, is that Hitler?

: God bless you! You came to save me!

: Well, that's almost it! In fact, I was hired to find a stolen Mayan sculpture. I followed the lead right to you.

: Alright! I admit! It's me! I did it! Now get me out of here!

: Not so fast. We can examine the crate on the right, and the basin and the door on the left.

Crate > Examine

: A wooden box with an ant symbol on it... I hope this one stays shut.

Basin > Examine

: A basin of putrid water.

: Yes, please!

: If that herring was alive, and if he could asexually reproduce, and if this water wasn't so disgusting, and if I wasn't in the middle of some very important case, maybe I could have started a fish farm business.

Door > Open

: I hear noises behind that door. I wouldn't want the kidnapper to know I'm here..

: Arlight, McCullough. Brace yourself.

: I'm not the one being led to sacrifice. I can lose my mind if I want to!

: Uh... Excellent thinking, Edgar.

> Examine

: Hard to believe this human wreck is actually an elite citizen! And an antiques smuggler too!

: No mind-reading reply? Absurdus is getting lazy. Let's ask him some questions.

: Small talk seems fitting given the looming ant threat.

: You know, Mister McCullough, death is somehow a part of life. The death of an elderly person isn't such a sad event. One could see it as a sort of transition...

: Good lord! Are you telling my I'm going to die?!

: You? No! Well, it's possible of course, but that's not what I was talking about. I was only sharing my thoughts on certain realities of life, just like that.

: Edgar saying strange things at a tied-up man, the video.

> Talk > Telesphore

: How do you know Telesphore Doucet?

: As a collector, I know all Montreal's antiquarians. Good, bad ones and ugly ones. He tried to sell me the Mayan sculpture in advance, and that's how I learned about it. I told him I was no fool.

: And what did he say?

: Nothing really, he just left while whistling the Traviata.

> Talk > Mayan sculpture

: There are some things I don't understand in this robbery case.

: Do we really have to talk about this now?

: First of all: did you know the sculpture was fake?

: Of course! I'm a pro in these things!

: Then why did you rob it?

: I'm not interested in the statue itself. I knew Telesphore was planning to import that reproduction. I asked one of my agents there to insert an object of real value inside it. Mayan prince Atahualpa's dentures.

: This way you took no risk with the customs!

: Exactly!

: What's so special about false teeth?

: Correct me if I'm wrong... you are help prisoner by an Indian who wishes to recover his ancestral inheritance?

: That is correct.

: Well then, why not give him back the dentures?

: There is a small problem with the procedure of retrieving the artefact...

: Why? Where is it now?

: In my dear old mother's mouth.

: Oh... I see... And why did you not tell him?

: You see, my mother is a bit old fashioned, Victorian style. If the Indian ever came to her she'd probably just send him to wash the car or cut the hedges. I fear he'd be insulted and could decide to retrieve the teeth forcefully.

: I see...

: You've come to free the vile desecrator?

: No, I mean, well...

: You are lucky, little ones! Double ration today!

: Who are you talking to?

: To my beloved ants, of course!

: The crate has the same description as the crate in the room. What about the man himself?

: Nice mask. I wonder if he bought it from Telesphore.

: We haven't trained our skills for nothing.

> Barter [4]

: Certainly two men of good will like us can find an agreement! The police are guarding the place where Atahualpa's holy teeth are stored. They won't let you in, but I could! Killing me will get you nowhere!

: Oh! The teeth, that's right! I was so focused on the revenge procedures, I had forgotten about them. Yes, sure, bring me the teeth and I'll let you live.

: You could also spare McCullough, I think he's learned his lesson.

: No can do. He went too far in the line of desecration. On the other hand, there are softer revenge alternatives in the tradition. If you wish, I could content myself with splitting his head with an obsidian axe.

: Well, I guess that's a beginning.

: By the way, if you say anything to the police, you'll end up the same way.

: Of course! That goes without saying!

: What? Why? What did Edgar observe?

: Oh, he's taken his mask off.

: I don't really know, a kind of sausage I guess.

: No thanks, I only eat starchy foods.

> Examine.

: So this is what a Mayan businessman looks like.

: Maybe this time Persuasion [6] will finally work on someone?

: Listen, swear not to kill McCullough or else I won't get the teeth.

: As you wish, but then I'll have to kill you straight away.

: But then you won't get the teeth! (VA:...Brother.)

: I'll end up finding them.

: Oh well...

: The big bad's introduction, plus a bit of small talk from a minute two later, the video. No schnitzel.

: Do you remember that porn Edgar has been carrying around?

> Photos

: I've got pictures here you'll find much more interesting than old Mayan dentures.

: Do you really think I'd betray my ideals for some cheap erotic pictures?

: Hey! You're also a man, you have needs!

: That's the worst corruption attempt in history.

: The worst corruption attempt in history (and the schnitzel), the video.

> Talk > Small talk

: I understand you are of Mayan origin, that's very interesting!

: Yes, actually my mother is of Mayan descent. My father is American. But I have a very strong Mayan identity! I've read everything there is on the subject. I've even visited the Machu Pichu.

: But isn't that an Inca site?

: You see, the problem with you white people is that you're always trying to divide us to rule!

: That might be true in general, but in this case, I think the distinction preceded Christopher Columbus.

: Alright, I was raised in California so I don't know everything about Peru!

> Talk > Small talk

: Why come as a sailor hired on a cargo? Did you need money for the trip?

: No, I wanted to stay incognito. I wanted to separate my spiritual activities from my daily business.

: What kind of business are you into?

: I own a pharmaceutical company. I'm trying to introduce a new drug medicine in America. It's extracted from a local plant called marijuana. It works miracles and I can see a great potential for it in the future.

: Send me a sample if you can.

: Of course.

> Talk > Small talk

: Thanks.

: But don't you think it stands out a bit with your suit?

: You're right. But the traditional clothes are a bit light for the temperature here.

: And that wraps it up for the warehouse chat. Next time well be looking for some teeth to satisfy a Californian pot dealer. The title of the game finally became relevant.