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Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

by Captain Flame Guy

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Original Thread: Feminine Protagonists Ahoy! Let's Play Castlevania Order of Ecclesia [VLP]


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What is Castlevania Order of Ecclesia?
Castlevania Order of Ecclesia is the third installment of Castlevania titles on the DS.
It is an action platformer with RPG elements which revolves around exploration, loot everything there is to loot and vanquish evil while you're at it.
Like most recent Castlevania titles it follows the same formula as Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

I personally like to compare it a lot with Castlevania: Aria/Dawn of Sorrow.
Why? Aria of Sorrow introduced the Soul System.
Order of Ecclesia has something similar with a twist, called the Glyph System.

Glyph System?
Our protagonist Shanoa has the ability to host and manifest so called Glyphs.
These Glyphs, obtained by absorbing Glyph Symbols, can be equipped as various abilities for Shanoa to use. Up to three Glyphs can be equipped at any time.
Said abilities include powers such as: Materializing weapons, summoning powerful magic, magnetizing the body, and many more!

About the LP
The format will be video with commentary by me and my friend French Accent.
I'm intending on updating once every Friday, with about 20-30 minutes of footage.

This will be a complete playthrough, intending to show most if not all content in the game.
Of course this includes the various other modes hidden in the game.


Shanoa is the protagonist of this game. She is a member of the Order of Ecclesia, which was formed to find other ways of defeating Lord Dracula, with the Belmont clan vanished.
Out of all members of the Order, she has the ability to host the power of the Glyphs, and according to her master is destined to use the power of the Dominus Glyph to defeat Dracula.

Albus is another member of the Order of Ecclesia.
At first he was intended to be the vessel of the Dominus Glyph.

Barlowe is the master of the Order of Ecclesia.
Using his vast knowledge of magic he has developed a Glyph powerful enough to defeat Lord Dracula.

By the grace of God, he cleared away from the wilderness to plant the seeds of this village.

Nikolai is first villager Shanoa saves throughout the game. While he doesn't seem very useful to you early on, he has a snazzy reward for you if you manage to complete all the quests the villagers have available for you.

This peddler seemed a natural fit, and moved into the village.

Jacob is the shopkeeper of Wygol Village. He sells you all kind of goodies that help you out during your quest. While his inventory starts out small, it will grow as you rescue villagers and do their quests. Useful items include magical tickets which can return you to the village whenever you want, various armours, potions and accessories. No one knows what he does with the money.

Once a common thief, he found salvation in the church and studied thenceforth to become a healer.

Abram is the one guy no one likes. Your only obligation to help him out would be the rewards he yields for helping it out. His quests involve gathering rare drops from various enemies, with which he creates potions you can later buy at Abram's shop. Also, he no longer says his most annoying line when you complete all of his quests which is a reward in itself!

A quiet, gentle man of 50 years. His good faith brought him to this community, where he used his carpentry skills to build houses.

I have no idea where they got the 'quiet' or 'gentle' bits from, but Eugen is a pretty cool guy nonetheless. Not only has he pretty much built the entirity of Wygol Village, he can also forge armour for Shanoa to use. All you need to do is give him some ore and he will forge you a nice set of armour. Of course you can't just have it for free, but he is a fair guy and pays you for the ores you supplied him.

This young girl is bright, but shy. The other villager are like her family, since her real parents passed away.

Say you prefer using magic over weapons and you don't really feel like you're going to take any hard blows anytime soon. Provide Monica with some cotton, silk or cashmhere thread and she'll have new dresses available for you in no time! These dresses, while not giving you very much physical protection, are great for those who would like to take and deal magical blows.

She places her trust in the cards of the tarot, which foretold she would do great things here, as well as finally locate her soul mate.

Laura is the village's go-to lady when it comes to jewelry and fortune-telling. At least, for Shanoa she is. Provide her with the gems you find throughout the game and she will reward you with various pins and rings for you to buy at the Abram's shop. Her rings are very useful when you would like to deal more damage with spells of a specific element, while the pins boost your magical defense of a specific element. Also, French Accent and I think she looks like a female incarnation of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Dracula's legend enticed this minstrel to come along. Townsfolk don't look twice, but avoid his eerie songs.

Poor George. No one seems to like him. The tasks he has available for you involve gathering drops from various enemies. When you're done with said laborious tasks you will find that various Records have popped up in the shop. These Records can be bought and played by using them from your inventory. Doing so will replace the current BGM with one from the original Castlevania. He also hums a tune from Gradius.

A confident chef whose motto is, "I can cook anything!" He moved here to avoid the serious competition of the big city.

Aeon is a cook who takes advice from an emotionless woman. If that's not enough for you, he even shares his name with one of the 'original' characters in Castlevania Judgement. But really, his quests are similar to George's quest. Gather spices and samples of meat for him, and he'll add his dishes to the shop's inventory. These are actually the best healing items if you exclude Super Potions, so they're worth your while.

Hearing rumors of monsters nearby, he traveled here to further his research. He's a curious man, and won't hesitate to share information.

Privacy will be intrused when Marcel is involved. He's as nosey as it can get and doesn't hesitate to get involved. His quests involve taking pictures of various 'rare' or 'elusive' enemies so that he can use these to write articles about them. The strangest part? He writes for a sports magazine.

Irina's daughter and Serge's sister. She's a sensitive girl, and endowed with an awareness of the ethereal world.

It's perfectly normal for a girl like Anna to be haunted by the dead, right? As mentioned in her description, Anna is a girl who oftentimes gets posessed. Her cat Tom tries to protect her at all times, and her quests involve finding various items to help her cat in doing so.

Irina's son looks after his sister, even though he thinks she's a big crybaby.

Serge is what you would expect from a kid his age. I really don't have much to say about him. His quests involve playing hide-and-seek, showing him an owl and playing hide-and-seek whilst blindfolded. Great.

She appeared in the village one day, as if she always lived there. Some days she's ignorant, and yet other days she's quite wise.

Daniella is just an old lady who lives in Wygol Village. Her quests involve going to places to make drawings of them, with various hats as a reward. She mentions that she had a husband, but whether or not this is true..

Her children are Serge and Anna. She came to the village by accident, but decided to stay and share her excellent cuisine with the others.

Irina hates crows. She also hates werewolves and Chinese vampires. Personally I think she would make a way better cook than Aeon, but that's a whole different story. Her quests involve killing stuff just because they bother her. Simple and straight to the point.

List of all enemies in the game
List of all items in the game
An explanation about how attributes work
A video showing the bad ending
A video of me being completely demolished by a skeleton
How to completely cheese Dracula
Death Ring Demonstration, also showing off the Game Over screen when in Dracula's Castle
Demonstration of all possible Glyph Unions

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