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Part 3: An explanation about how attributes work

Because you guys were already discussing a bit, let's go a bit more in-depth about the Glyph system.

There are various attributes attached to each and every Glyph. The same applies to most if not all enemies in the game.
I like to split these attributes up in the following three categories: Physical, Elemental and Status

There are two attributes assigned to this category. These Glyphs typically use your STR stat and their CON stat to calculate the damage.
You have the Slash attribute and the Strike attribute.
The Slash attribute is assigned to weapons that cut, pierce or simply involve something sharp. Generally unarmoured fleshy enemies, like Zombies and Gelso are weak to this attribute.
The Strike attribute is assigned to weapons that are generally blunt. As you might expect, heavily armoured enemies like Rock Knights and Spear Guards.

Attributes in this category are usually magical in nature, and their usefulness varies greatly depending on the enemy you're facing. They use the INT and MND stats to calculate the damage being dealt.
This category includes the following attributes: Flame, Ice, Lightning, Light and Darkness.
Honestly I can't say much about them individually, as they're all somewhat varied in nature. Usually you can guess the elemental weaknesses by thinking logically about what kind of enemy it is. For example: Zombies and Skeletons are weak to Fire and Light, with them being undead. It also means they're strong against the Darkness attributes.
While most of these Glyphs deal elemental damage, there are some Glyphs that use the Slash or Strike attributes while still calculating the damage using INT and MND.

These are generally magical Glyphs as well, but instead of just dealing damage they also inflict status effects. Usually these are accompanied by either a phsyical or elemental attribute as well.
These status effects are Poison, Curse and Stone or Petrify.
The Poison status effect is actually only inflicted by the Fidelis Aranea Glyph, which summons a Skull Spider. Poison deals a moderate amount of damage over time.
Curse simply lowers the target's stats, which makes them easier for you to beat up.
Petrify, well, petrifies the target. Petrified targets take more damage and are immobilized.

Aside from thinking logically, the most convenient way of checking an enemy's weakness is by simply checking its bio in your start menu.
The little icons signify their weaknesses and strengths. If the icon is blue it means they're resistant to it and if it's red it means it's one of their weaknesses.

Attribute Points
The more you use Glyphs of a certain attribute, the more damage you will start doing with them.
Every enemy you kill adds one point to your Glyph's attribute. Every 327 points in said attribute raises its damage output by 1%. This effect caps out at 300%. This means you would need 65535 points in every single attribute in order to maximize your damage output.
Every glyph you absorb adds 1 point to every attribute, which is one of the methods you could use to increase your points.
This is tracked on the right side of your pause menu.

Hopefully you've learned something from this.