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Part 10: Olrox's Quarters

Part 10 - Olrox's Quarters
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We finally have the ability to check out the main part of Olrox's Quarters, so what will we find? The new 'soul of bat' ability and the gravity boots are pretty nice, but will they help us in any boss battle? Or, will we have to think of something else to face the next boss?

Olrox is actually pretty tough to beat at the level I'm at in this video, and there is a good strategy to beat him. In this video, I decide to use the shield rod to boost myself up, then switch to the jewel knuckles in order to get in as many attacks as possible. I also tested the battle earlier with the Estoc, and found this was much more enjoyable to watch.

Now that I've got the 'soul of bat' and gravity boots I could head south, if you know what I mean, but Olrox's Quarters is such a small area that I've decided to do this first. It's a little bit of a challenge.

Yes, I'm aware that a few minor areas will be skipped for now, but I'll get to those eventually. There is a method to my madness.