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Part 31: Galamoth and Finale

Part 33 - Galamoth and Finale


It's time to face the toughest boss in the entire game - Galamoth - as we finish out the inverted castle and work our way through the very last section, the Floating Catacombs. I also needed to get one other relic that I forgot - the force of echo. Now that the castle is pretty much completed, we can now face Dracula... and Shaft... again - but I show you how to finish the battles in record time. In this episode, we also see the best (and 4th) possible ending, and the credits and final 'song'. There's no way to skip the credits outside of resetting the console, so if you think this song is cheesy and bad, just imagine having to sit through it four times for this Let's Play.

By the way, Galamoth can absolutely kill you if you do not have protection from lightning. I have conflicting sources too on how much HP he has. One source tells me 12,000 and another says 6,666. I went with the higher value, since it would make sense that he is stronger than Dracula since he is a tougher boss, but I could be wrong. Also, the reason why the Aeguna does not work on him is because of his high defense, not because he is immune or strong against Lightning attacks.

Thank you so much for watching this video - and while the LP is done, I am open to requests and bonus content sometime in the future.

Final boss:

Also, since this wraps up the LP, I'm not sure what I do with the thread. Do I leave it open, close it, notify authorities, etc.?

I'll at least leave the thread open for a few more days so there can be some discussions.