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Part 32: Ocean of Origins

Time to do Vahti and Olgar's first dungeon. And it is...

Before we go in, just a word of explanation. This chapter is a little bit 'harder' than the others (but take this in very relative terms, of course). There are a couple of reasons--one I will not mention now because it is a spoiler, but the other is the fact that Olgar and Vahti are much more specialised as characters than the other couples. For example, Olgar is very physical attack focused and has practically no MP to start with, and gains it very slowly, but he has strong attack and defence stats. Vahti on the other hand has low attack and defence but high speed and luck stats. Olgar's low luck stat is also kind of annoying as it makes him miss the attacks more than he really should. But, as I said, this all in very relative terms, so the game is still not really hard, but it is something to keep in mind when playing this chapter.

...and yet, here we are, about to do it all over again.
I guess our descendants weren't strong enough to defeat the Qualia...
Yeah... Hate to say it, but I guess they weren't.

Moving on with the dungeon...

First puzzle, this time it's collect gems to remove boxes to clear the way to the exit.

And then the second.

Finally, the mid-point boss...

...who makes a mistake of using an elemental spell that we can retaliate against.

And we're done.

Looks like Escher has been observing us in action...

And since you're still alive after taking part in a tournament where the losers are killed...
You must have won the last one.
You would be correct.
Then, could you tell us everything you know?
I don't mind, but I doubt you'll believe me.
We won't know until you tell us.
Well, for example... this place we're in right now is actually a giant spaceship called the Ark.
Wha? A spaceship? Did you hit your head or something?
I told you you wouldn't believe me.
Then, are you immortal?
What if I said I was?
I wouldn't believe you. You'd have to show me.
Wait. We're not allowed to fight outside the arena.
Too bad. I hate being told what to do.
If we're not allowed to fight, we'll just spar. I'll show you a thing or two about using a sword.

As you expect, this not a real battle either. A couple of turns and it ends.

Ha ha, now don't be like that. I'd like to fight you in a proper context. A real man-to-man battle.
Assuming you're not chicken, of course.
When that time comes... I'll gladly accept.
I thought this tournament was pretty stupid, but I might just be able to have some fun after all.
Come to think about it, how long ago was the tournament that you won held?
10,000 years ago.
You sure like your jokes, don't you.

And so he leaves.

What about you, Vahti?
I haven't suffered any major damage yet, so I don't know...
...but if that's the case, we have to be extra careful.
True. We can no longer be reckless when we fight. We must constantly be on our guard.

So this takes us into the second half of the dungeon...

First puzzle... us the first item.

And after a bit more traipsing around the semi-flooded hallways...

...we come across Eluca and Zhamo defeating a monster.

Let's talk to them, shall we?

Furthermore, his potential as a warrior is limitless. I am one of the strongest fighters in our country, and he still continues to amaze me.

I really wish that someone, anyone, would just once refer to a country by its proper name!

You really think highly of him, don't you.
Zhamo is the light of hope for our country. We cannot afford to lose him here.
I have no grudge against you, but if we should meet in battle I will not hesitate to kill you.
I do not wish to talk to you. I can tell that you are strong. This is reason enough to be wary of you.
...Excuse me.
What is it?
You... uh...
If you have something to say, say it.
...You really resemble him.
Resemble who?
N-never mind. Sorry to have bothered you.
(What's with this kid?)
(It couldn't be them... But, they look so much alike...)

A bit later our first dungeon equipment upgrade for Olgar.

Not bad.

And finally the last puzzle.

The second item...

...needed to open this door.

And our second boss.

Nothing of interest happens in this battle.

Olgar gets his ring (see the shiny?). This boss, however, seems to have a strange habit of lingering on the floor after already having been defeated.

No, really? He's doing it again?

But, Ayuta again does what he did last time when this happened (plus, nice teleporting there).

Mana joins the party...

And now we can leave the dungeon...