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Part 42: The Future of the World

Last time there was a big fight agains various iterations of the Qualia and then this happened:

Looks like it's back and stronger than ever before! Whatever shall we do?

Well, that looks like a whole fleet of ships from... uh, somewhere.

Please try not to think too hard about the time-space related paradoxes that all of this involves. Just sit back and enjoy the fireworks!

Correct. It is also possible to send you back to the exact place and time right before coming to the Ark...
Then that's what I would like you to do for us.
Are you sure about that? If we go back to that time and place, I'll still be supposed to cut off your head.
But you won't, right?
Of course I won't.
Then there's no problem.

But, you two were in different locations at that time...
If I send you back to them, you won't know where the other is. Are you sure about that?
Yeah, we're sure.
I now know that Musiea... that Aida is alive.

The game is really vague on the subject of exactly how much of a persons memory remains intact when they are returned to a particular time and place. For example, will Escher remember all these events? The game seems to imply that he will. Will he remember where Aida was? The game seems to imply no. So who knows.

But we won't be going back just like we were before. We're not immortal anymore, after all.
This time, we won't have to watch our children grow old and die before us.
That's true.
I'm finally going to be a grandmother.
Yes. Let us grow old together.

And there is only one couple remaining... But Ayuta is not from the same planet as Shea.

I've decided too.
If I ever give birth to a girl, I'm going to name her "Theia".
She will be a witness to the future of our world.
Thank you, Shea.

And it's our favourite closing credits, with a slightly different picture behind them... I wonder...

Oh, right, of course it's him...

So, I don't know about you, but...

...I wonder what will happen if I now try to...