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Part 54: Family Matters/Purging Sin

Last time, Olgar has been asking "what now"...

Oh no. No no no no no.

Make sure to wipe his rear nice'n'clean. No cuttin' corners, ya hear?
Just remember, if anything happens to Ohm, you'll pay for it with your life.
Whoa, whoa, lighten up guys.
I mean, it's been ages since I've taken care of a baby, but I can't think of anythin' I'd rather do. I'll guard him with my life.

Aw, don't worry about it.
Anyhoo, ya better shift into high gear and go help Vahti.
Otherwise, poor Ohm's gonna be stuck drinkin' infant formula when he should downin' the good stuff.
I know. I'll bring her back to Ohm's side where she belongs.

Once again, a Piu-Piu episode leaves me speechless.

At least there is some upgraded equipment for our duo:

And then it's on to the next dungeon:

Once again, English text is a direct translation of the Japanese version, so no need to talk much about that. As you can see, for one last time we're back in what I like to call "post-apocalyptic New York" dungeon. We need to collect two items to proceed.

They are guarded by puzzles. Here is the first one.

Hey, remember this guy?

Let's eat an apple, they say it's healthy.

Yup, definitely good for health, no question about that. In this game, levelling is so slow that I'll take anything I can get, really.

Second puzzle leads to...

...another conversation with Yorath, apparently?

You didn't answer the question.

Something that can swallow up the whole world!? How the blazes am I supposed to fell?
All I know is, I'm gonna defend the people I love to the very end.
The people who built this Ark fought to the very end as well, and then they were all brought down.
But they still didn't give up. They got up and fought again. Again and again, but they were brought down over and over.
Again and again.
Over and over.
They fought, only to be destroyed, time and time again. Until finally they reached a conclusion.
They realised their civilisation simply had no hope of ever being strong enough to defeat the Qualia. They realised their destruction was inevitable. They concluded that if the gods really did exist, that they wanted the world to come to an end.
But still they resisted. Their love for the human race made them refuse to give in. And then they made a miraculous discovery.
They discovered that at a certain point of a certain spacetime, it was possible to wipe out the Qualia completely. Something special would happen at that point alone.
And that is when the Ark Arena was created.
And so you're saying we got sucked into that scheme?
This Ark is controlled by a being called the "Almighty". She was once a human being named "Theia".

Well. Another massive plot dump from Yorath, but I suppose it was worth it if nothing else for learning more about Cyllis. Incidentally, the Japanese version calls "Congloms" instead simply "Mixtures" (ミクスチャー).

Oh yeah, we get the second item from that puzzle before Yorath.

We can now unlock the boss...

...and here he is.

And, uh, I guess here is the other boss. This is actually NOT the Cyllis's surprise mentioned before, that comes at the final end of this dungeon.

Please meet the Progenitor's eyes!

This battle is just a little harder than previous ones simply because there are two enemies rather than one. Still, focusing at one at a time and avoiding pair attacks for the same reason, yields results eventually.

You didn't think we would be avoiding this, did you?

And we're back for more New York and this time we collect three items.

First one is simply in a chest over here.

The other two are guarded by puzzles. Incidentally there are NO MORE PUZZLES in this game. This was the last. Wisely, in Chaos Rings II this nonsense was completely abandoned. That game does contain a minor variation on the puzzle theme, but it's much better integrated into the plot and not nearly so annoying
and boring.

Anyway, here's the last proper dungeon boss.

This one is Progenitor's Skull.

Seems pretty ordinary, but...

if you do a solo attack, it does zero damage and you get an extra bit of dialogue:

Apparently this boss can only be damaged by pair attacks, for no particular reason. Chances are you might never even discover this little oddity in a typical playthrough. Needless to say, this is still not "the surprise".

We defeat him quite easily.

And so, where to now?

So. All four dungeons are done (notwithstanding the little detail of Olgar having remained to fight off the horde of bosses thus leaving us alone once again). Theoretically we should be fighting Yorath and Cyllis now, but...

Well, let's relax for the moment first.