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Part 69: Dancing Around

Last time on Chaos Rings 2...

Don't do it Darwin!

Oh, it was just a dream!

Lessica comes in to check up on him... luckily we won't be subjected to "but was it only a dream?" this time.

Insta-heal works as good as ever.

That should do the trick.
Yeah. Thank you.
You are a little different than the other Nominators we have had.
How so?
Perhaps... "weak" would be one way to put it.
The previous Nominators all shared a strong sense of duty and purpose, and all made the correct decision.
But you lack these qualities.
You... you are conflicted. Even though the world will perish if the seal is not repaired.

Perhaps surprisingly, but this conversation will become very, very important much later in the game. So remember it.

Meanwhile, let's see how Marie is doing.

But just as she gets there, Lessica is coming out...

Well then, let's eavesdrop on Li Hua and Araki...

Not everyone can be as clear-cut about things as you are.
Obviously. But what's your point?
At the end of this path you've chosen... what is it you're trying to find?
I'm not trying to find anything.
Anyone who chooses this path, that's his lot in life.

And so he leaves.

Uh-oh, caught!

That... that man... Did Araki know my brother, too?
He did. Although he didn't know him so much as fight against him in battle four years ago.
Do you know Orlando?
Yep. So does Conor. Seems Orlando and Darwin were his bodyguards or something a while back.
Everyone here has ties to Orlando.
I don't know what their standard was for choosing us, but it's all a little contrived, if you ask me.
I wonder...
I'm going to need a little more information.
You mean you're doing research?
I'll help.
Thanks, that'd be great.

And finally, let's go back to Darwin who's left his room and finds himself addressed by Bachs once again.

But Li Hua said something about doing research... let's go over to the library.

Ah so, everybody's here.

Let's make one more attempt at talking to Marie...

Oh well. Could have been worse.

So, next time we'll see about the Chalice, whatever that is.

On another note, the time for first (or, rather, second) sacrifice is approaching rapidly...