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Part 78: The Third Pillar (Je Ne Sais Quoi)

It's definitely time for the third sacrifice now. And it is going to be...

Before we go, of course we can have a brief chat with Li Hua...

And also with Marie, where Conor has something to tell her in private...

Not to mention Piu-Piu...

I guess we can upgrade Conor's weapon and clothes. Not that he's going to need them, but...

And so finally, we can set out.

As the last time, we're going to fight one of the Four Horsemen again, and then proeed with the ceremony.

This where we are going...

...and as before, this time we'll be crossing into the previously inaccessible section of the area.

Along the way, we find this new weapon for Darwin.

But I am not quite sure what is the point.

In any case, here we are.

Thanks to the Sopia core we can now pass through...

Later on, we find a couple of these devices that Conor can activate, with that weird inaccessible bit in the middle.

Activating them allows us passage to that little island with the last device.

Of course, activating that last one, materialises a panda!

This one is Panda Queen and for some reason gave me a bit of trouble to defeat it.

In any case, we are progressing nicely on this odd sidequest. Wonder what's at the end of it... we'll see.

A peaceful vista...

...but suddenly a tentacle appears behind Darwin.

It is quickly dispatched by Conor.

No time for chat, because...

It's our old friend, Famine!

Like the last time, he's weak to fire, so we'll mostly keep doing that...

We can also steal an item from him.

"Bloody Rose" is a staff for Marie. It has a nice upgrade to magic power, but unfortunately at cost of reduction in health by 300 HP. That's quite a lot and makes the whole thing not worth it. Although I think there is a skill that increases HP, so I guess if you combine it with that it might be worth using.

Necrosis works just as well as always (this skill might be a little bit broken actually).

He has a bunch of new attacks, but nothing of particular note. This attack for example can cause various status effects, but again, nothing we can't deal with.

Last time we did this, Conor got a new limit break attack (level 2). You can see it here, "Je Ne Sais Quoi", and it gives a power boost to all allies (I presume for five turns like all status effects good and bad).

But we're not going to use that and instead make use of his normal 1000HP heal limit break which is more useful at the moment.

And so we win eventually.

Well, the teleporter is there...

Like the last time, this leads straight into the next battle, so no chance to visit the shop or anything like that. Whatever you want to set up on Darwin, you must do now, before activating the teleporter.

And then we are at the familiar place.

The game again drives its point home by forcing us to actually swipe the finger on screen to kill him.

So much for that.

Let's not forget this part... battle against Ophan Conor!

Necrosis works. He doesn't have a lot of HP.

And so do normal attacks.

He will mostly use elemental spells, so just be careful on that.

But overall this battle should NOT pose problems.

As before, we obtain Conor's skills.

Seems games is twisting its rules a bit here... where did this possibility to create Sopia Core now come from, nobody said anything about that before! But even the previous games were not innocent on this, you may remember Mana's sudden ability to deliver a lethal blow to an enemy at the cost of her own life and all that. It's a bit annoying, to be honest.

In any case, don't worry, there WILL be more new boss fights, not just recycling of ones seen so far.