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Part 82: Where Do We Go From Here

Things didn't go so well last time with the sacrifice of Marie and Darwin's subsequent state of distress, what with lashing out at Lessica and so on.

Bachs, however, has a differing opinion.

We are now back in control, so let's have a quick go around before coming back to Lessica. First up:

Darwin, you said some awful stuff to poor Lessica. Bot ya don't have the slightest idea how she must feel.
I mean, think about it. Ya ever see that girl smile?
I have. And boy, it's one helluva smile.
Sure, she's put y'all through a lot, but that ain't no reason to be hurtin' a person, now, is it?
Just keep that in mind.

Well then. Next thing we can do is head up to the library...

...and read the information on Marie.


Born into the world as the first daughter of the second wife of the Crichton family of Ornia. Parents passed away when she was 13. Has since lived with her brother and the Nominator Darwin. Graduated valedictorian of Lichstein School. That same year, entered Ornia Academy of Magic with her brother's financial support. Continued to maintain spot at top of class.

Sacrificed as a Pillar of the 1,685th Rite.

We already knew she's a magic powerhouse, but here is why. Also that last sentence of the first paragraph really bugs me with its lack of definite articles, but it IS like that in the game too.

Now there is nothing else left to do but talk to Lessica. Not like there's anybody else around except her and Piu-Piu anyway.

I guess this is to give us one last chance to... uh, do what exactly? Anyway, we're good to go, so we'll say yes to this.

I am not sure what's actually going on here...

Abbadon (אֲבַדּוֹן) is a Hebrew word, meaning various nice things like doom, perdition, hell, ruin, abyss and so on. Also a biblical place of general destruction and mayhem. So.

The Rite of Resealing uses Neron's power within the Pillars to seal the Destroyer away. The selection of the Pillars and the final seal consist of two processes.
The sacrifices, the Pillars offered thus far were merely catalysts that allowed Neron's power to abide deep within the Nominator. It is then transferred to the Nominator upon defeating the Ophanim, spirits imbued with Neron's power.
The final seal is then completed with the combined power of all five Pillars.
The final seal requires the Pillars' bodies, having transformed into Sopia Cores, in order to produce a cage that is capable of sealing Neron away. This is why they have already been transported to Neron's domain. Their bodies are with Neron. Their spirits have become Ophanim, and are here with you.

Good question. But despite the fact that somehow (how?) the others may be revived through this process, I fear it's all a little bit too risky. So..

...NO, we are not going to sacrifice the whole world for some minor possibility. Five people is more than enough. Right?

Now what.

Wait a minute, aren't those guys...