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Part 87: An Interlude and a Revelation

You may recall that a while ago, we were told by Lessica to approach her when we are ready to hear the full story of the Rite of Resealing.

We'll get to that in a moment, but first just a quick post-near-apocalypse chat with everyone!

Did you find the strength you wanted?
...Yeah, I guess I did. I finally understand, Li Hua.
Good! Then let's take care of this one last problem and get out of here!
All right!
All right, time for the cat to come outta the bag!

I know what you mean. I feel like I finally understand how good it is to be alive.
Are you doing okay? You looked like yo were having some trouble when we were running...
Yeah. It was just because I was dashing with all my might. My legs are still a bit heavy, but they'll be okay.
Really? I feel completely revived thanks to that thing. Guess you've still got to toughen up some, Conor. You're a man, aren't you?
Y-yeah... I'll do my best!
I'll be so strong that I'll even be able to beat Araki!
Ha ha ha! That's the spirit!
There are simply too many thing we don't understand... Let's ask Lessica for the truth.

In just a moment. Next up is Araki.

And finally Marie and Orlando...

Orlando, what did you mean when you said that you were...?
Oh. All the while that I was a "Pillar" or whatever, I was stuck with that Neron guy.
It's not like I could see him or and talk to him. But my consciousness was there, in that empty space, and I learned a lot there.
And... I saw everything that was happening with you guys.
Darwin, Marie... you both really gave it your all.
(sniffle) Orlando...
You guys came in contact with that Neron guy, too, right? Don't you remember anything?
I don't know... I feel like I heard something, but can't quite remember what.
Me, too... Though I did see Darwin and Lessica trying to save us all.

I think Orlando has the right idea. Let's finally do this!

Bring it on!

What... what do you mean?
To get people’s prayers... right? So he can exist as a deity.
Yes. Prayers are pure Sopia Core power, the source of the Creator's abilities.
When he lost his believers, the Creator demolished the world, unleashing disasters and setting his Apostles upon it...
His Apostles...? So those monsters...
You mean... the Creator is behind all of this?
Yes. All to regain belief in him.
You were gathered together to construct a new Reckoning to serve as his scripture.
But how can we make a new Reckoning?
You have ties to the one who is Nominator, and posses powerful Sopia as well. Thus you were chosen.
It's easy to drum up dramas of love, grief and rage between you and the Nominator.
This makes for a better testament.
So that's why we're here...
Ultimately, the Nominator will descend to the surface and tell the story of what happened here to what few people remain.
It will give rise to new belief, to a new Reckoning.

Well then. Hope you're all still ok after this explanation.


And this opens another new teleporter, to take use into a whole new area.

OK well, that was pretty heavy stuff. So I would suggest that before we proceed we should relax a bit by talking with Piu-Piu. (Of course we'll talk to the others too after, but first...)

Um, ok, moving swiftly onwards then...

Uh, like I said, moving swiftly onwards then...

I can't say for certain that I think that's what happened, but...
No, she's probably right.
I think you did end up with Neron's Sopia, and I'd guess you inherited his wish too...
Neron's wish...?
Yeah. Neron just wanted to be free. Though he wanted that freedom in return for your life, of course.
...I can understand that though. He's been sealed away for longer that we could even process, being used by this Creator guy.
You must have grown stronger if Neron thought you could handle that important of a wish.
I don't feel like I have... But if you're right, then I really need to focus on this fight.
You're the only one who's ever made it this far. That ought to give you the guts to keep moving forward.

That's better. Let's see what Araki has to say.

Short and to the point, as always. Finally, Marie.

And one last word with Lessica...

Uh... can I have minute to think about this?

Well, in any case, there was quite a bit of stuff said here and there is only more to come in the next instalments! So stay tuned.