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Chime Superdeluxe

by Mico

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Let's Play(station3) Chime Superdeluxe

Okay so if you saw my Chime LP earlier in the thread then you already know what the deal is here. If you didn't, click on this and watch it. Now, here's the deal with Chime Superdeluxe. ZoeMode totally rewrote the game, added five songs, multiplayer, and released it on the PS3. I'm gonna show off all the new stuff.

I'm doing this LP the same way I did the first one. Subtitles + 3 minute mode. I'll skip all the songs I covered in the original and focus only on the new stuff.

PS special thanks to jawbroken for linking a virtualdub filter in IRC that fixes dot crawl. If the video looks weird at any point that's why.


"Play With You" by SabrepulseYoutubeVeoh
"Machine Dream" by Nathan McCreeYoutubeVeoh
"Sympathy" by Joe HoganYoutubeVeoh
"The Looping Song" by ShlomoYoutubeVeoh
"Tender Hooks" by PlaidYoutubeVeoh
The Grids of Chime Superdeluxe, in orderYoutubeVeoh
Multiplayer: Co op and VersusYoutubeVeoh
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