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Part 6: Episode V: Memories Are Fickle

Right, then. Time to complete this needlessly violent little quest.

I just noticed Poshul has two tails... One is purple and one is pink. Have I mentioned I hate Poshul?

That shrill screech is distinguishable anywhere. Look who has arrived...

"Why did you just yell like you'd been looking for me if you were late to the spot YOU told me to meet up at?!"

"Ohhh!!! Are you two on a date? Sowwy, Me think Me should reave you two arone! PO-SHU-SHU!"

At least Leena is being honest she's not going to put out and is just stringing Serge along for material gain without working for it.

"Ah...excellent. Ooh... This one is still warm with stained gore. Exquisite."

"Thank you Serge! And you too Poshul!"

So it stands to reason they've been through Lizard Rock a number of times and seen the Komodo Dragons passively meandering about in the past. The passage from child to teenager is quite well realized in the point Leena went from:

"Oooh...look at the silly pretty lizard! I want to play with it."


"Oooh. Look at the pretty lizard. I'd like to see that skinned and strung around my neck some day."

"Please don't have a sappy monologue about the nature of the sea like a world wary old woman..."
"It's been rolling in and out, like this, since long before we were born."

Music: Reminiscence ~ Feeling Not Erased

"It'll probably keep rolling in and out, in and out, long after our lifetime... Without a single change..."
"Well, with pollution and overfishing it'll probably see less and less diverse life with each generation humans continue to expand in order to ma-"
"Hey, Serge. Remember when we used to..."
"'re still going... Terrific..."

"With the gentle sea breeze and the tranquil sound of the waves?"


"My occupation is literally Silent Protagonist..."

Is it just a Japanese thing where childhood friends of the opposite sex make pacts at an early age and the girl will remember and harp on it for a decade plus after the fact? I think I told a girl when I was like eight that I was going to become an astronaut and if I became an astronaut I'd take her into space. I don't think she ever guilt tripped me for not taking for on a trip in springtime to Jupiter or Mars.

Yeah, no jo-

Jesus Christ! What kind of childhood did Serge have? He both nearly drowned AND was attacked by some fucked up Panther Demon? What else happen? Did the Origami Killer kidnap him at some point and that's why his father doesn't seem to be around?

"Just when you think that you've forgotten about something, it comes floating back into your heart. I guess it's just lying there in wait. Waiting for the right moment..."
<slaps forehead> "The sock drawer. THAT was where I left my green bandanna."

We'll find ourselves LPing a late PSX era JRPG? Adulthood is weird.

Well, it's a medieval era technology based fantasy setting. It's a pretty good gamble you'll be dead from monster raids, outbreaks of war, or disease before you hit 30.

"Other than killing those lizards, it's been a day where I slept in past noon and hung out at the beach. Unless there's a tidal wave out of nowhere or some earth shattering mess scheduled for later this afternoon it is about as lazy and forgettable as you can get..."
"Yeah...... I guess so...... But...... That would be really sad...wouldn't it?"
"Shooting for a life where staring out at the ocean isn't a highlight of my memories, to be honest... Doubt I'll get there, but hey... I'm an optimist."

Leena's endless prattling is interrupted by some fucked up dialogue not in a preordained dialogue box. This demands investigation.

Apparently, only Serge can hear the phantom voice and he is freaking the fuck out.

So, who's ready for some abrupt plot advancement? Anything to shut Leena up for a few minutes.

FMV Serge's do-rag seems to take the leap into being straight up pink.

"I'll be here..."
"I'll be 'waiting'"
"For what?"
"I'll be waiting...for If you come here... You'll find me. I promise."
"Wecos vinosec."

Serge has a 'Nam flashback to the day he escaped a demonic big cat by fleeing into the ocean where he was nearly dragged to a watery grave by Sharktopus.

Oh yeah, and there's a tidal wave coming. Probably should have mentioned that earlier.

Serge's fight or flight reflex kicks in and summons forth a plot device to escape the dire situation.

Sucks to be an overly chatty ginger or an atrociously designed canine.

And so the world sort of is enveloped in dark energy before reverting back to normal sans wall of water bearing down on our stoic hero.

Also, Serge drops dead. Huh... Short game...


Serge met up with Leena at the beach and offered her blood sacrifice. She returned the favor by rambled on nearly incoherently about the sea and memories and the like until nature decided she needed to put a lid on it. A giant tidal wave presumable killed her and Poshul but luckily Serge had some magic shit happen and everything is okay. He then had a heart attack and lost consciousness.

Beach Scene FMV

Music: Reminiscence ~ Feeling Not Erased