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Part 7: Episode VI: Things Are Different

Episode VI: Things Are Different

I took a nap at a beach with a dimensional anomaly on it once during a bonfire. I had such a wicked hangover the next day.

"For a second there, I thought you might have been a dead body, washed ashore."
"I'm totally not foreshadowing anything. No sir. Just concerned is all."

Despite Serge's claim of being a silent protagonist (well, outside of question responses) it is fairly clear he actually is speaking at points. We just cannot hear what he is saying. Case in point: Here Serge just brushes himself off and shakes his head rubbing his eye. This translates into:

"Are you a friend of Leena's? I believe she's in the village, babysitting."

So, now we have our new objective: bitching out Leena for ditching us after some manner of magical tidal way and temporal vortex incident. Not cool. Not cool at all.

And with that the Old Man Exposition and his pet komodo pup saunter off back to town never to be seen again. Welp, best well follow and see what our girlfriend's de-

Oh for fuck sake!

"Me woke up firtht, tho Me went to go rook around. But no thing of Leena anywhere."

"I hate you..."

Music: Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World (Fantastic remix of Chrono Trigger's Main Theme)

Returning to the world map produces two oddities. Primarily, the map music has completely changed. Secondly, Lizard Rock must be re-explored (areas on the world map with two entrances automatically become optional after completing the dungeon...usually...)

Lizard Rock has been repopulated by crazy ass flying fish breezing about the area.

Fire breathing flying fish at that. Did I mention Chrono Cross has some weird ass generic enemies? Well, Chrono Cross has some weird ass generic enemies.

Other than new enemy placements (and a few restocked item chests) there really isn't anything new in the area.

Other than bitter, bitter irony...

Anyhow, it's best to return to Arni to figure out what's what.

Music: Another Arni Village

Well, Arni sure has gotten more...flowery... Seeing as Poshul just arrived back in town and all, of course. Leena's totally not a half sister because the milkman knocked up her mom sister is still wandering about the town square aimlessly. Maybe she knows where her sibling has buggered off toward.

"Leena? I think she's on the pier, baby-sittin'. She should be on the pier. Are you a friend of Leena's?"
"No. I'm an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill." <rolls eyes>
"I think your methods unsound. But, sure.. Whatever... She's at the pier."

"Meh, screw this. She's probably just going to chew me out because she got in trouble for ditching the babysitting thing. That will somehow be my frickin' fault. My head still hurts and I'm not in the mood."
"Sergeipoo, Me am think you shourd reave her arone untir rater."
"Why are you still following me again...?"

"Omma Sergeipoo, did you redecorate? It rookth a rittle deprething..."
"Oh great... Mom got drunk and rearranged the house again. She'd better not have touched my room this time. Last time she did that it took a month for the "floral arrangements" she stuck in there to stop stinking like a unicorn shat on the carpet."

"It kind of rookth rike a junk room... And it'th tho duthty in here..."
"This better not be another passive aggressive 'oh Serge you need to get out of the house and see the world' thing. I've still got a year before I'm 18 and she can toss me out and I'm milking it for all it's worth."

Opening the curtains awakens a Komodo Pup.

A talking Komodo Pup... Wait... Those things were sentient enough to be capable of speech? Good grief! What sort of fucked up nazi monster is Leena?

The Pup will let Serge and company take a nap to restore health but then he'll shake him down for 100G afterwords. Sadly, skinning the thing alive at the point to avoid payment is not an option, so we'll just forgo that proposition.

"My house isn't a playground for kids, alright? Go play outside."
"......??? Who are you, mithter? Thith ith Sergeipoo's houthe, ithn't it? Where ith Momma Sergeipoo?"
"...The hell did that thing just say...?"
"I think she said 'Ah DUUUUUUUUURRRRR'. At least that's what I heard. But, enough of this crap. Where's my mom - Marge?"

"I've lived in this house for 5 years now. Sorry, that name doesn't ring a bell."
"For 5 yearth...? Ith that true, mithter?"

For once I'm going to have to agree with the retarded creampuff. It seems that time-space anomaly back on the beach his supremely fucked something up 'round these parts. It's probably best to track down the only other person that was there and see what the fuck. Poshul is of course useless since it was probably taking a shit in the bushes at the time and saw nothing.

Getting a bit of déjà vu here... Maybe it;s just me.

"How could you jutht reave uth and go back on your own!?"
"Go back? On my own? What are you talking about, Poshul? And..."

This is gonna be one of those days...isn't it...?

"No, I'm from the Choras."
"Oh...I can't say I have been there."

"Don't be tryin' to pull any moves on our Leena, you jerk!"
"Don't be silly!"
"Hey YOU! Yeah, YOU!"
<extends middle finger when Leena looks away>

"Don't worry about them."
"I'm not. Little brat will get a good backhand when he least expects it."
"I don't think that is necessary..."
"Necessary? No. Enjoyable? Undoubtedly."

"You don't say. I get that a lot. Gee, I wonder..."

"I just want to make sure I didn't take crazy pills this morning."

Music: Song of Feeling

"He drowned...when he was very young... This all happened 10 years ago."

"I was still very young back then, so I don't remember too well, but my mom says his name was..."

Chrono Cross: It's a Wonderful Life the RPG

"So am I taking crazy pills or is EVERYONE ELSE?!?!"

"Oh, stop that! That's not even funny!!! The boy is dead, don't you understand!?"
"Uuuuuhhh... Nope... No I do not."

For clarification here: Leena would have been around 5-6 years old when this happened...

"You'd guilt him into flaying a family of Komodo Dragons."
"What?! Why would I do that?!"
"To make a necklace out of their scales."
"Oh... That does sound kind of cute... But, no. Why would you say something like that...?"
"Just...throwing speculation out there."

"Sure is weird... Why am I opening up to you like this? It's not like Serge is going to come back."

Well, hell. There you have it. We really are in another world.

"Actually, why don't you go visit the grave site? No one's been up there in a while..."
"Yeah, sure. That wouldn't be either awkward as hell or else a complete mindfuck or anything."
"Well, I still have some chores to finish. Sorry I blew up at you like that."

"Heh heh heh. Thank you. Come back any time."
"Right... About those chores..."

And with that Serge and Poshul depart to go investigate whether this is all a big gag or what not...

"You alright? You look like you've just seen a ghost!"
"There seems to be a good chance I am a ghost."
"Yeah, sure. And I'm the Queen of Guardia."
"That'd make about as much sense at this point..."

Welp, no use in procrastinating when it comes to figuring out whether or not you're actually dead in an alternate dimension.

Whether or not Serge is about to get a mindfuck is secondary to the beautiful scenery. The picturesque vista that is completely ruined by the bright pink eyesore standing out like a turd in a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

Serge is apparently similarly annoyed by the sack of stupidity gallivanting around breaking the mood and tells it to piss off. Right, then. Now where were we?

You know, this all would be a LOT less conclusive if Serge were just named John or Bob...

Attract Movie/Game Trailer (Plays when game is left idle at the title screen.)

Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World
Another Arni Village
Song of Feeling
Time of the Dreamwatch (Attract Movie Music)