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Part 103: Alternate Ending #8: Twist of the Century...Lynx Finally Does Something!

This antepenultimate alternate ending requires Schalavos to be defeated after Harle has left the party but before Chronopolis shenanigans have taken place.

Music: Chronopolis

We begin roughly a year and a half later in which Dark Serge decides to finally get off his ass and mosey on over to Chronopolis to finally obtain the Frozen Flame. A task that would have taken anyone else about a day or two tops after gaining literally the only thing required (see: Serge's body.)

Kid stops and looks back toward the entrance...

"Yeah... Looks like we've got company. I'll hold 'em off here. You go on ahead, Serge."
"Fine... I'm counting on you, Kid."

Dark Serge walks off at a leisurely pace...

In this timeline, Serge never found the motivation to go after Lynx after he got his body back. Indeed, that previous ending was the last one to even feature Serge at all in it (I'll assume he moved on to bang the shit out of Orlha next, as that seems the next reasonable choice.) So, instead Harle is forced to go it alone to stop Lynx's vaguely evil plans of doing something or other.

"Kid... You're......I see... I am in a hurry. Would you mind letting me through, please?"
"Hah! It'll take a little more than a 'pleaze' to let you through. Over my dead body, I say!"
"Oh ze irony...."

"We must stop Serge... I mean, Monsieur Lynx!"
"Quit tryin' to talk yer way out of it! I don't like you. It's as simple as that! I don't care if it is senseless for us to fight!"
"D'accord... Zen I guess it cannot be helped..."
"So you're finally ready to face the music, eh!? Put up yer dukes!"

Unfortunately, like with most of the endings, we do not get to see the Aussie and Harlequin's cat fight. Personally, I would put my money on the teleporting humanoid dragon god over the blonde who's only abilities are flailing about with a knife, flashing people her panties constantly (did you really have to render that in battles Square? Honestly), and fainting all the time.


Music: Another Arni Village

We cut away to a typical day in the chief's hut in Arni Village. One of the residents makes an early stop by the humble abode...

"You sure are devoted."
"Heh heh... There's not much else to do at my age..."
"Oh, please... You're still young! Take your time."
"I wish... I'm pushin' 40... A few more years and they'll name some ancient race after me and some adventurers will make a trek through the ruins of my house for a mystical token."

The old timer wanders over to the save point to consult it as to whether he should jerk off before or after he walks his dog and if he should have spaghetti or lasagna for dinner and other such dire questions. However...something happens on this fateful day...

Music: The Frozen Flame

The Record of Fate turns from its normal friendly glowing neon, satanic rune covered surface to an ebony black shade because...err... Well, I guess FATE didn't change its electric bill banking auto-payment from Lynx's account to Dark Serge's and the power company shut off his service.

The villager freaks the fuck out at this startling development with the save points and rushes off in terror to fetch the chief, hoping this isn't some black omen.

Back at Chronopolis...

Seriously, he had to stand on a panel and a computer unlocked a door. That is all it took to get in this room. Nothing else. The real Serge had to jump through all those hoops just because Dark Serge had already just used up the local easy button. This guy is the slowest prick on the planet.

"Heh heh heh heh... I've finally made it this far... And now! The Frozen Flame is finally in my hands!"

And so the biological avatar of FATE merges with the real FATE and they get the Frozen Flame and...maintain the status quo to prevent the apocalypse via Lavos from taking place or those uppity dragons from going on a rampage killing humanity. The horror!!!

Well, that was a short one. But, only two more to go until the end. I see it... We're almost there...