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Part 20: Episode XVI (Part 2): Pants Are Never Optional, Flamer

Music: A Child Lost in Time

Let us just overlooking the fact there is obviously going to be a gameplay mechanic where the party travels between dimensions. There is literally a 0% chance of anyone being able to do anything for her in time from everyone's perspective in this scene. With multiple reasons given as to why it is a futile effort.

"If by 'partner' you mean 'girl I met two or three days ago' and 'have only been traveling with since yesterday' then yeah...we were tight..."

Like with every other Kid based option, the game really presses doing the "right" thing. But, Serge decides to be a realist.

"You've got no right to keep that girl's amulet. Leave that thing here."
"Uhh...excuse me for a moment but who the fuck were you again?"
"I'm the one that saveCHA lives."
"Yeah, that's great, Wedgie. And that gives you the power to decide what a person, who you yourself just called my partner, is allowed to give me on their death bed?"

"Well what's wrong? Hurry it up."

Since Korcha is a colossal satchel of dicks, we lose the plot MacGuffin to travel between worlds for the time being.

"Oh, sorry. I'm not a friggin' magician! I cannot just magic up some cure-all of an extinct animal out of thin air! Who the hell are you to get pissed about this anyway!? Just a minute ago you said, and I do quote: 'Are you gonna take a one-in-a-million chance to search for this thing, just to save a girl you barely know'. I'm sure there were some 'CHAs" sprinkled in there, whatever the fuck dumb ass mush-mouthed accent that is supposed to be. But that was the gist of it."
"And your point?"
"I hope you go die in a fire, basically..."

And so Korcha's moody ass storms off and is locked out of our party for good. Which is fine, because seriously... fuck Korcha.