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Part 49: Episode XLV (Part 1): Invasion

Welp, it has been some time since last we visited Another Termina. I wonder how the town has been holding up since the whole Evil Serge declaring war on humanity thing.

Music: Home Termina

Oh...Porre invaded... Terrific...

"We have left only the Element Shop alone, but that smith is a stubborn one... He will not close shop for anything."
"Huh...Zappa... Seems like you were born in the wrong world."
"I dunnet follow."
"Like how in your world you just shut down business and in this it..."

"Of course, the bar over there has been shut down as well. We're pretty thorough when we need to be, you know. Not that anyone would want to go drinking in a time like this, but just in case."

Next stop, the bar! It is worth mentioning that if Norris is in the party, all the Porre soldiers will respond differently to their commanding officer. That may have some advantages...

Entering the bar...

"W-Well, in th-that case it can't be helped. Just wait right there! I'll unlock it for you."
"Anyone have any idea what the heck she is talking about...?"
"No, sir..."
"Didn't think so..."

The barkeeper will reveal there is a hidden storeroom in the behind the bar and lets us in for...some reason.

"Eh... So, what was the point of going in he-"
"My EARS!! Argh! Indoor volume, man!"
"It's been a while, Lynx... Or is it Serge?"
"Oh...what is this? Do I have to kick all your asses again...? That is getting pretty old."
"Nah... We're cool now, junior. We know what is going on."

"Well, if we're cool then Norris is cool. He's not with these guys...despite the uniform...being referred to as commander...have a Porre issued firearm...and the insignia on his chest... Look, it's complicated..."
"Humph, well as long as you're here, you're one of us. You! Stay put and listen to what we gotta say!"
"Exposition... Great... Never enough of *that* going around."

"Yeah...where exactly did you all go...? I mean you ran away toward the fort after we whipped your asses. And then we entered the fort right afterward...and then we never saw any of you again."
"Union regulations."

Some time earlier...


Lynx-Serge is just kind of hanging out in mid-air with an unconscious Kid. Serge-Lynx has apparently already fallen into the Dimensional Vortex and Leena has just fallen into a plot hole. In any case, the pair soon teleports away without saying a word.

"General! Are you alright!?"
"U-Ughhh... Riddel..."
"Don't just stand around! Help the General!!!"

"Like... I can't believe it..."
"You'd think his bodyguards would have protected him. Especially, after that attack on Viper Manor not long ago..."
". . ."

"Not now! We have to stop the bleeding!"
"'re a plot MacGuffin... We've like...gotta take them with us. It's like, ya know, in the script... "
"It is, isn't it...? Alright, then...
Marcy, you pick up those broken pieces!"

"You brought him to a joint Lynx...Serge? Err...whatever... The *bad* guy already knows about...? And already burnt to the ground once...?"

"He was able to escape death, but he still needs rest. However, we can't leave the manor for too long... So we came back here, leaving Marcy behind to take care of him, only to find..."
"DAMMIT!! What a shame... Because of them Porres!!! Whaddaya got to say to that!?"
"They have a cream to clear those out, ya know."

"That is why I am acting in line with Sir Lynx..."
"Hmph!!! Then don't ya dare get in my way!"
"Chill out! This Norris is from another Porre where they only rolled in and invaded after all of you had been dead for a few years. Not like these other Porre jerks jumping the gun with that sorta thing."
"Ergh... Not sure if that is supposed to be reassuring, junior...?"

So apparently General Viper spews mounds of exposition in his dreams and has totally filled in the Devas with the entire Lynx betrayal, Serge/Lynx body swap and everything. Convenient, huh?

On top of that, since Glenn got all antsy about nosing around in assignments he wasn't assigned to like a jerk, Porre has taken over Viper Manor as its base of operations in the region and is now holding Viper's daughter Riddel as a POW.

"Eh... I've recruited far less qualified folk than a couple of mid-bosses... Sure...why not?"

"We've gathered as many as possible, but we don't have any use for it. You can have them."

Well, that is...not really a whole lot of help... But, it was nice of them to try...

Welp, we now get to choose between one of the two reformed mini-bosses to be the newest member of our party. Unlike earlier in the game, we're not locked out of the unloved and unwanted choice. They are just moved until later in the game for recruitment. This just determines who will be following along for a trip back to Viper Manor.

Hey, it has been a while...

"I'll leave the decision up to you, sir..."

A.) Choose Karsh - "Yeah sure, junior... I guess I'll let you tag along with me..."



Music: Home Termina