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Part 58: Episode XLII (Part 2): The Ballad of Ziggy and the Neptunian Nymphs

Welp, looks like we're heading to the S.S. Zelbess back in Home World in order take care of the business in Marbule. Before we depart, let's take a quick pit-stop on the Invincible for one last recruit.

Heading below deck...

No...not there...

Ah, there we go. If we take a peak in one of the random storerooms on the second level of the Invincible we'll discover Pip is still (brazenly) stowing away on the vessel. Now sure, we could have seen a bunch of our old jerks from Team Serge earlier and they'd give lame reasons and/or just blow us off on not coming along. But Pip...Pip is different.

"I'm Serge. I got turned into Lynx. It sucks."
"You are Lynxikins? Well, OK. It's de inside dat counts."

Yep...the little Pokémon reject is the sole party member from the first act of the game that will rejoin the party when Lynx is up at bat. Fancy that.

A quick hopping between dimensions later...

It's been some time since we've been to this dump, hasn't it? Well, not really... I wish it had been longer, personally.

For the next leg of this sidequest we need to bring Fargo's manly man pirate ass along. Irenes isn't required. But, feels appropriate.

A quick dash to Fargo's Quarters in order to hear as little of that grating music as possible later...

NPC: "Are you, me...?"

Fargo grabs his pussy asshole alter ego around the neck and lifts his ass about a foot off the ground...

PC: "You're bein' a sissy, Fargo! You're pathetic!!! I, too, had the possibility of becomin' a jelly-belly like yerself!"
"I think he's telling ya to man the fuck up, Cap'n."

Fargo drops his bizarro self...

PC: "We're movin' this ship along with Ziggy's to Marbule and showerin' the island with his song at full volume... Once the dream spirits awaken, we'll defeat 'em one by one... It's gonna be manly as hell. Yer not invited!"
NPC: "My ship, the Zelbess... This ship can no longer set sail... I can't steer it..."
PC: "Hah! Who's askin' ya anyway?"

Fargo storms up to the ghetto communication rig...

"This ship is no longer the Zelbess but the S.S. Invincible!"
"Take all the booty from 'em land lubbers on deck, cut 'eir throats, and toss 'em overboard for Davy Jones' locker. Anyone who gots 'emself a problem can walk the pl-"
"Uhh... Fargo...?"
"We're just sailing over to a nearby island..."
"Oh... Right... O' course... Got me self carried away... Pirate and all..."

Music: Dragon Knight

NPC: "It's useless..."
PC: "We'll see about that!"

"YEAHHH!!! Let's do it!"
"We're movin'!"

PC: "Ya don't even know that?!"
"Did you forget the huge ass oars on your ship...? How long have you been cooped up in here...?"
PC: "The desire to return to one's home is steerin' this ship forward..."
NPC: "You mean the demi-humans...?"
"No...the friggin' tourists in the lounge chairs on deck."

PC: "We gotta do what we can to wake those monsters from their nightmare... So long, Fargo... I've come to me senses. It's time you did the same."


"Behold, my people... Marbule is straight ahead!"

And the band begins to play... Strap in boys and girls...

"I'm telling you, it's going to be dumb and you're going to wish you never came..."
"Do ya do anything but bitchin' and moanin'? It's me boy up there and were gonna watch the damn thing, matey."

"Fine... Fine. But, we're standing by the exit. We've still got monsters to kill and crap, don't we."
"Aye. Fair enough."

As it turns out, the entire side of the Magical Dreamers' hull can open up for a concert. That doesn't sound like sound engineering for a wooden ship but...sure, why not?

And so the show begins...

Audio Enhanced Rock Opera

Unaltered Rock Opera