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Part 57: Episode LII (Part 1): Lynx and the Conference at the S.S. Invincible

You know how in Chrono Trigger at the endgame about twenty sidequests opened up and you were free to dick around and do whatever you want? Or just rush along to fight Lavos? Well, this is nothing like that. That is, other than the 20 sidequests opening all at once part.

Lynx is now tasked with kicking the shit out of all six of the elementally themed sleeping dragons in order to obtain their plot device relics to do something or other. The plot basically screeches to a halt until that fetch quest is completed. Now, were gonna have to hop between worlds and go all over the damn place to complete this task. But, we've also a ton of new minor, character oriented tasks open as well.

So, let's tackle a few of those before we go all Caim on the dragons, shall we?

Note: Use spoiler tags for outcomes of vote. Thanks.

"I hate dragons! Ergh...meh... Alright, gotta start somewhere...I guess... Any suggestions, 3502 dudes in the party?"

A.) Go to Guldove - "Sir, perhaps the Dragon Sage there could be of some help?"


B.) Go to Viper Manor - "Hey, junior. I've got something back in the manor I think we could use. It shouldn't take long. You'll thank me later."


C.) Go to Marbule - "It häs been söme time. Perhäps Ziggy änd the Säge häve finished prepäring?"

Note that we'll be doing all three eventually. But, this will just determine the order we'll be tackling matters (i.e. the most votes goes first, the least goes last.)

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