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Part 56: Episode LI: The Melancholy of Harle the Jester

Following the flood gate of new characters to Team Lynx, we've immediately forced into sailing to Another World equivalent of Death's Door. Said path has also conveniently opened up in this world too. Even with no intervention by fiddler crabs. I can't believe I just typed that sentence...

Entering the "Dead Sea Ruins"...

Another World's version of this are lacks the inconveniently placed sword of tainted soul corrupting evil barring the path. It also...sort of lacks an actual "gate" of any sort too. But, not to worry. Harle has the 411 on the situation.

"Zis place iz called ze Pearly Gates. Zis used to be ze only entrance to ze Sea of Eden. However, legend sayz, no one haz been able to see it or approach it, even since ze Dragonz sealed ze evil flame."
"Then how are we supposed to get in?"
"Oh gawd... This is going to be a tedious fetch quest...isn't it...? I knew I'd been coasting too long without one of those... Ugh..."

"You must break ze seal of ze Pearly Gates wit' relics from each of ze 6 Dragonz."
"Relics? Break the seal? You mean here?"
"Non. Ze true gate to ze Sea of Eden iz not here. It iz in ze other world, where ze Dead Sea liez."
"So, where are we supposed to find the 6 Dragons?"
"Aren't you the friggin' 'Lord of El Nido'? Seriously, my shut-in mom knows about the stupid dragons and she sits around talking to sleeping cats all day."
"You will find zem scattered around both worldz. Zey will be easy to find, wit' all ze legendz about dragonz throughout ze islandz."

"Ze other Monsieur Lynx, disguised az Serge, iz already in here. Zat iz because hiz appearance iz zat of Serge."
"Uuuuuhhh... I don't follow..."
"Even if you are able to get all 6 Dragon Relics, you will not be able to make it inside az Monsieur Lynx."
"Then what are we supposed to do?"
"Yeah...if I coulda stopped being a cat I woulda done it forever ago."
"Ze Dragon Tear... Zat iz all I can tell you."
"That is...less than helpful..."
"Now, it'z my turn to ask un question. Monsieur Lynx..."

"C'mon, Monsieur Lynx. I answered jour questionz. Now you answer mine."
"Eh... Well, I guess the world is pretty important... No offense..."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk!"
"Yeah...I guess I really don't give a whole lot of a crap about that... Well, fine... You, Harle... I think you're the only one of those blockheads I don't feel like tossing into a dimensional vortex yet."
"Oooh... Merci... Even if it iz a lie."
"Geez... I don't know... That's my answer... I dunno... Big surprise..."[/i]

And we fade to black.... A big change just occurred in our party. But, it takes another scene before we get to realize it...

Some time later...

Lynx and the others depart on the Quest for the Dragon Relics. Also known as "The Plot Comes to a Standstill Until You Complete This Fetch Quest".

Elsewhere on deck...

"Why must I have to tell him such t'ings...? You are such an idiote, Harle..."

Starky wobbles into the scene...

"Oh, it'z you, Starky. It'z not'ing. Don't worry about it."

Starky hops up onto the rail and takes a seat...

"Starky can tell. Harle's maake-up doesn't look the saame todaay. Starky don't think it's nothing liike youu saay. Why do youu liie to mee, Harle?"
"D'accord... OK, OK... I guess I cannot fool you."

"It'z somet'ing zat flowz from your eyez naturellement when you are sad, when you hurt..."
"Teear...? To cry...? Soo water comes out from eyes when youu are sad? Are youu sad soo youu can wash youur faace with teear?"
<sigh...> "Go to sleep, Starky. And don't tell anyone I waz crying. You promise you will not tell?"

"Starky will promise not to tell aanyone that Harle was cryiing."
"Waait a minute... Cryiing meeans that Harle is sad. But why?"
"Even though we are close, I cannot tell you zat. You will find out eventually, Starky. If zat time comez..."

Harle has left the party... For good...