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Part 55: Episode L: Fargo and the March of the Acacia Dragoons

"That was...I don't even know where that ranges on my meter of silly experiences."
"Well, then..."
"Cap'n, the others are safely onboard!"
"Good, good..."
"How does that even work...?"
"Look, I don't ask about yer party member teleporting in and out on a whim. Ye don't ask about me pirating transportation methods."
"Tch... Whatever... It's probably a stupid answer..."

Lynx wanders off to the stern of the ship...

Meh... This sucks... Kid is evil...brainwashed...whatever... Lynx has my body and is dressing me up like a total tool... I'm stuck on a smelly ass pirate ship filled with a bunch jerks I kind of hate... And... And I am still a fucking cat... Feh...... I hate my life...

Lynx begins having flashbacks to scenes with Kid...

Music:The Girl Who Stole the Stars

"Maaaaaaaaybe it's not the best idea to travel someone my subconscious had a precognitive vision of me killing for some reason..."

You know, just because that cinematic FMV had a carefully placed dagger doesn't mean it works from down here. I can see it all. I see everything."

"I'm gonna kick yer sorry arses so hard you'll kiss the moons!"
Heh...that was a pretty good line...

"Say yer prayers! ...Not that it'll do ya any good!!!"
...Wait no. I only dreamt that line.

Wait... I didn't even view that from that angle... I was like across the room on the floor... I only dreamed that part too...

"I've had it up ta here with you!!!"

"Yeah... I know."

"This is the end of you, Lynx!!! Say yer prayers!"

 That was a dream too, wasn't it...? I...think... Yeah... Sheesh... My head is a mess... I should have visited Doc when I got the boat back...

Great...just what I need..."
"Hey, Harle."

"Ask yourself what you can do, and what you need to do, in order to attain it."
"Come on, Harle. I've already got a headache. I'm not in the mood for this pseudo-psychological crap right now..."
"If no you, zen whom!? If not now, zen when!? Right? ...Serge?"
"I don't know... What's the most important thing in my life? How the hell should I know? If you asked me about a month ago it was scoring with the redhead next door and finding a good spot to nap in the afternoon... Now... Pfft... I dunno... Not being a cat would be nice... But I doubt that is gonna fix anything... I...don't know..."

Some time later, down below deck...

"Prepare yerself!!!"
"Is that you, Serge? Fargo, our duel will have to wait. I need to have a talk with Serge."
Oh, what now...?
"Tch... Have it yer way..."

"We must do everything in our power to prevent him from obtaining the Frozen Flame. I shall lend a hand. We must put a stop to him."
"Welp, your name is 'General Viper'. With a name like that you're a shoe-in already. I figured you'd be more concerned with repelling the invading army but... Sure, why not?"

Music: Victory ~ Call of Summer

I took the liberty of equipping the giant ridiculous fuck-off unique anchor-sword for Viper I found in the manor's armory on our second visit. The old general is by far the most badass ascot clad fellow we're likely to come across in this game.

"Aye, Serge! I'll help ya out, too. Ya saved me life twice already. And, I guess I already know too much. I can't just sit around and ignore the situation."
"Again, you mean...? I thought your mustachioed ass was gonna join ages ago. Sheesh."

Oh yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

"Once we put an end to this situation, you're mine!"
"Very well. I will not run from you. I will be happy to accept your challenge."
"Yeah, yeah... You two angry old men can grunt and get sweaty all you want when this is all over. Play nice until then."

"Oh, what now?!"

"I hope that's okay with you, Serge?"
"Did somebody start a recruit conga line when I was up on deck?! Fine, kiddo... Just get your dad to sign your permission slip."
"Like...what you talking about?"
"Oh...right... Wrong dimension..."
<eyes Fargo>
"Nevermind... I'll tell you when you're older, kid."

Believe it or not, she's still not the youngest character (barring non-humans like Draggy and NeoFio of course) we'll be picking up in our adventures.

"And since you saved Lady Riddel, I've decided to help you out. Please, just a thank you will be enough!"
"Don't let the door hit your ass on the way to the bench."

And so the second proper boss of the game finally becomes the...33rd character we pick-up for our roster. We're getting toward the end here now, aren't we...?

"Is that it...? Is that everyone? Anyone else want to join? Pirate back there scrubbing the floor? You want in on this gang?"
"Y'arr... I'm good, matey. Thanks anyway."
"Just checkin'... Howabout that big ass mutant parrot you were riding on, Fargo? That joining too? No? Fine... Yeah... Yeah...let's go before the ghost pirates come back and try to muscle into the party. Sheesh."

This is a repost. But's been about 30 updates since when all these chucklefucks showed up and when they all decided to join at once... Here's a recap of our last cluster of recruits: