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Part 81: Episode LXXIV: Kid and the Lost Letter from the Laboratory

"Oh, what the HELL was that?! Did you jackass spirits time your magic to run out at the most assholish point imaginable or was just a happy coincidence?!"
"What happened back there, Serge?"
"Well, I found Kid and...err..."


"Oh geez...this is awkward..."

"Uhh...I've been worse... are you...?"

"I'm...right here..."
"I...? Okay... Good to see that."

Music: Victory ~ Call of Summer

And so we get our very final member of Team Clusterfuck: Kid. Spiffy.

Radius decides to wander into the room...

"This must be the power of Serge's love. Hoh-hoh-hoh!!!"
"Put a sock in it, gramps! Wouldn't want word about your whole first degree murder and hiding the body on demon island to get out!"
"Keep track of what world you're in, youngen. I have no idea what you are speaking of at the moment. And even if I did, you would never, ever find the body to prove it."

"Luccia is waiting for you in her lab in Viper Manor. She wanted to give you something."
"Anyway, there's no rush. I suggest you rest here for the night."
"Just no funny business, you two. Hoh-hoh."
"Stuff it, old man!"
"Geez... I'm outta commission for a bit and yer rollin' around with me mate Serge in some poor old geezer's guest room when I'm not lookin'? Pretty shameful, Sheila. Ain't ya got any restraint?"
"Oh gawd... Really? Already?"
"Just callin' 'em as I see 'em."

Some time later...

"Yeah...ya know. Knife to the gut from Lynx...? Looked pretty painful. Surprised it hasn't left a mark. You heal up pretty damn well."
"Lynx stabbed me...? What are you talking about?"
"You...don't remember me err...well, Lynx in my body shoving a dagger in your stomach...? I mean, I can see not remembering that whole brainwashing thing where you two apparently went shopping at the local Black Leather Dictator Emporium. But...I figured gaping chest wound would kinda stick in your memory..."

"Umm... Like, a 'heavy night of drinking and oh crap I married a stripper in Vegas' lose your memory or...?"
"Whenever I'm in a dangerous situation where I might get hurt, I just seem to disappear and vanish. And when I come to, I wake up somewhere safe without a single scratch."
"That is...pretty damn convenient. You...literally have innate powers of deus ex machina when in danger...? How does that even work?!"
"The thing is, I can't remember what happened. I don't get it..."
"And you just never...looked into this further...? You just lose consciousness when you're about to die, wake up in a field somewhere with no recollection, and just shrug it off...?"
"Oi. If life was givin' ya buncha mulligans would ya look into it too hard? Don't wanna mess up me lucky streak being all cynical 'bout it."

"C'mon, mate! Let's go!"
"Yeah... Yeah, sure... Better fill you in on what ya missed, anyway."
"Oh...? Like what?"
"Uhh...let's see... Umm...yeah. Lynx? Totally dead."
"Yup...dead as a doornail... Turns out he was a friggin' computer!"
"Now yer just pullin' my leg..."
"Nope! Swear to ChuChu! He was some crazy future computer the whole time...."

So, in order to get some closure on Kid's little side story with Lucca, we must now take a visit back to Viper Manor for likely the final time. Luccia is just hanging out in her lab doing science stuff, as usual. Grobyc is also off camera in the corner staring into space creepily, as well.

"Dere is somet'ing I vant to give you."
"Huh? Me...?"
"I vas told to give it to you vhen the time was right. It's for you...from Lucca..."
"You knew Lucca!?"
<nods> "Here..."

Luccia hands over a sealed letter to Kid...

Music: The Girl Who Stole the Stars

"Perhaps you've matured into a beautiful woman, raising a family, by now?"
"Heh... Yeah, right..."
"Serge...I will tear you dick clean off and toss it into the ocean if ya don't shut yer arse the hell up!!!"

Lucca posted:

My dear Kid,

How are you doing? I wonder how old you are as you read this letter? Perhaps you've matured into a beautiful woman, raising a happy family, by now? I was hoping to talk to you in person when you were old enough, but just in case something happens, I'm writing my feelings down on paper and leaving it with Luccia. Perhaps you already know...or perhaps you yourself are also now caught up in some historic crisis as a result of all this. But, anyway...

A long time ago, we -- my friends and I, that is -- changed the future in order to save our planet from being devoured by Lavos, a monster from some unknown planet. We still feel proud of the role we played in saving our world, and in how we were so freely able to change the flow of time.

But sometimes I think of the darker side of what we did... What has become of the future that was "once" supposed to have existed? Where did the "time" that now is no longer allowed to exist "go?" It is true that, thanks to our altering the flow of history, we were able to save so many lives and prevent so much sadness and suffering... But when you think of it, we also caused the deaths of so many that were meant to have come into existence in the time line we destroyed, and also caused new sadness and suffering further along in the new future we created...

That is why I worry that someone might seek revenge on us for what we did. I have had a constant dread in my heart that someone in our new future will travel back in time, just like we did, and try to kill or capture my friends and me. So, even if something dreadful does befall me, Kid, know that what was meant to happen will happen, and that I was always prepared for the worst.

Oh, but don't you dare think the Great Lucca is going to go down without a fight! (I've got a reputation to uphold!) Whatever lies waiting for us around the next corner better watch out, 'cause it's gonna find a pretty mean count-attack coming its way!

Kid... When I think of you, I remember someone I once met a long , long time ago in the distant past... Heh! But she was the complete opposite of the you in this time line... So quiet and gentle... Someday I'll also tell you about her... When you are ready to know of your real name and heritage. I'm not the slightest bit worried about you, Kid! I know that, no matter what happens, 'he' will always be there looking out for you! Or perhaps he has already found you and is there by your side as you read this? If so, hello, Janus! Please take good care of my 'little sister' for me!

There is so much more I want to tell you, but I must leave it for another time. Don't worry! Everything is okay! We will overcome whatever woes may occur! That's for certain! Later, when you're all grown up, I'll come visit you and we'll talk over tea. I look forward to that day!

Well, anyway Kid, until we meet again... Forever and ever your friend, (No matter which time line it is!)

Yours sincerely,
Lucca Ashtear

Cut out the tomboy act! Believe me! You'll become a beautiful young lady one day, or my name isn't "Lucca the Great!"

An item falls out of the letter after Kid finishes reading it. But, it's just another Rainbow Shell...

Everyone quietly complies.

"I can't believe you, Sis... You're the one who always laughed about how there's nothin' 'definite' or 'certain' in this world..."

Kid's Hot Shot