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Part 82: Episode LXXV: Starky and the Ship That Sailed the Skies

Episode LXXV: Starky and the Ship That Sailed the Skies

Welp, now that we've finished up any and all extracurricular activities in Chrono Cross, time to mosey on over back to that lingering "main plot" monkey business... Good thing that Fused Dragon God is very patient with beginning its destruction of humanity. Indeed, it's quite a relief ALL the villains in Chrono Cross take forever and a day to accomplish anything.

In any case, the El Nido Triangle of Another World is now glowing mysteriously like its Home World counterpart. I've said a few times that Starky was indeed a mandatory party member (the only one that isn't just dumped into Serge's lap by the plot.) Well, this is why...

"No matter how many times I hack away at it, it doesn't seem to have any effect. I've tried some Elements, too. There are some that work and some that don't."
"Interesting... So, which ones work on the thing?"
"I've discovered a mysterious object down below, but there's a nasty monster gu-"
"Yeah...I know... You said that... Go back to the part with only certain Elements work..."
"No matter how many times I hack away at it, it doesn-"
<sigh> "Nevermind..."

Music: Jellyfish Sea

So, this area is identical to the first visit here. A few new enemies like giant crabs and some really obnoxious jelly monster that freezes people. But, otherwise it is fairly unremarkable.

That is...except for the flying saucer crashed into the lower level. I think that is new. Huh...who'd a thought Harle wasn't actually bullshitting about the intact alien craft in the other world, after all.

Unfortunately, an evil jellyfish is humping the front door of the UFO and refuses to move. Who's up for a gimmick boss fight?

Meet Royal Jelly. Yes, the last boss before the end game dungeon is a big jelly fish with googly eyes. That's about par for the course.

As that brave but rather unhelpful fisherman suggested...Royal Jelly is utterly immune to physical attacks. They'll still build up the element level gauge. But, any and all strikes deal 0 HP of damage. In addition, it's immune to almost all Elements...except one...

Red innate elements will absolutely ruin its shit in no time flat. And it just so happens the game just gave us back one of the better Red innate characters. Fancy that...

Royal Jelly takes a while to actually respond to the party figuring out its weakness (it sticks to just its own physical strikes.) To the point I was actually able to fire off a Summon against the sea dwelling jerk. It more or less one-shot the thing, ending the dopey space craft humping creature's existence.

Note to self: Stop by an inn and get some rest or that number will drive me nuts in short order...

"Starky's ship in this world not brooken! Starky am happy!"
"Could that be the reason why we have air down here?"
<EXHALES> "What the hell?! We had AIR the whole time?! Why didn't anyone tell me?! I've been holding my breath for like ten minutes!!"
"Affirmative. Starky's ship creeates a special foorce fieeld. Starky think in the other world Starky's ship is in pieeces and parts are buried underground, but still working."
"Is that dangerous?"
"Starky think noot dangerous until fuusion poower converter cell ruun out."
"Oh...what happens then...?"
"Critical systeem failure only reesult in 600,000 kilotoon release of eneergy."
"Oh, is that all..."

Well, at least there's no fetch quest for Starky's car keys shards across El Nido.

"Yeah! Everything is in oorder! The navigaation system is operaational. Starky's bed is niice and cozy, too."
"This ain't nap time, short stuff."
"Can this take us to Terra Tower?"
"This ship is oonly big enough to fly Starky."
"Then what do we do?"

Starky fiddles with the control console and the hatch in the center of the ship flips open. He then trots down there and rummages about for a bit.

"Oh yeah! That...! Hmmmmmm... Maaybee wee can uuse this?"

Starky tosses up a...smaller... space ship...

"Starky will come back laater."

Skipping ahead to the future...

Starky is actually referring to his Level 7 Tech, which is also in the flying saucer. Annoyingly, the game proceeds automatically with a handful of scenes and you've got to make a second trip down here later on to obtain it. But, let's cut out the fat...

And that is 100% of Level 7 Techs obtained! Took long enough...

Back to the present...

"It's an anti-gravity deeviice. If youu attach this to yoour booat, it will fly to Terra Tower eeasily."
"That sounds incredibly Sure, why not? What's the worst that could happen? Well, other than the flying, fire breathing and laser shooting Dragon God blasting us out of the sky, of course..."
"All wee neeed now is aa facility to install it."
"I remember there was a dock inside Chronopolis."
" remember a dock in some back room of the future science base...but being mortally wounded just draws a big blank?"

"Alriight! Let's bee on our waay to Chroonopoolis!"

A short trip to Chronopolis later...

"Starky neeed this and that. Oh yeah! This should do the trick."
"Oi... All you have to do is load that thing on the boat, right?"
"What are youu talking about!? Wee neeed to attach aa staabiliizer to keeep the Autoo-gyroo from spinning out of controol."
"Dude, Kid... He's some crazy two foot tall space man fiddling with crazy future technology. I dunno about you, but I'm still impressed by digital watches... Just let the guy work."
"I don't get it...but just hurry it up, okay?!"
"Tiime to get to work."

Some time later...

"See! All ya did was load it on the boat!"

Starky has spoken...while upside down. Best step, woman!

Later still...

"Never expected our encounter to turn out like this, didja, Serge...?"
"No...I cannot say I expected finding out I was dead in another dimension and fighting some mid-boss and his cronies would lead to me getting turned into a cat for a month, fighting several dragons, time traveling, defeating a super computer from the future that was mind controlling everyone, and making a fishing boat I stole from a fat Jamaican mom fly thanks to a Martian. All so I can fight a Dragon God from another dimension run by lizard people to stop it from killing all of humanity..."
"Seriously, I missed a lot here, didn't I...?"
"You don't know the half of it..."

"Why do wee live?"
"That's what we're gonna find out with our own eyes!"
"Pfft... What are you jerks talkin' about? I already know what I live for... Kicking ass and chewing bubble gum..."

"...and I'm all outta gum."
"Yoou just ripped that ooff from a moovie."
"Shuddup and make this thing fly!"
"Man, I *do* have a weird life..."

Later that night...

"Starky, what the hell? We're nearly there and nothing is happening!"
"Starky caan make only fly shoort while. But, Starky think wee close eenough. Hold oon."
"...Starky, there's still no---"


Well, I'm sure there has been sillier ways to get into ominous flying towers.

Next Stop: The End Game - Terra Tower!

Starky's Star Struck

Trip to Terra Tower