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Part 89: Overtime A: A Look at New Game Plus (Part 1) - The Fast-Forward Button

Welp, we have finished Chrono Cross. But, that doesn't mean we have completely finished the game. There's still quite a bit more for us to check out in the post game.

After completing Chrono Cross, we are given the option to save after the credits. Loading this save afterwards will give us a brand new feature:

New Game + and Continue + are now unlocked. Continue + is basically just unlocking the features of New Game + in an old save. But...that is kind of useless to our first playthrough. So, let us take a look at what New Game offers.

Also, I don't think I ever showed the main menu screen. Don't ask me why the background is pointed right at Kid's tits...

We'll be dumped back at the prologue upon beginning and have to rush through that again. But, we can see most of our spiffy new features from here.

First of all, we keep our Star Level and stats from the previous playthrough, also most of our equipment and elements are still in our inventory.

The game does take away a decent chunk of our end game junk. Namely:

It is a very good idea to have forged Serge a Rainbow Swallow or else he'll have been knocked back to the Denadorite level weapon. Sure, he'll still wax everything and anything with that. But...not quite as quickly and that's what we're shooting for in our second playthrough.

There are a couple of very special new Key Items in our inventory, though.

First up is the Relief Charm. Using this little trinket will allow Serge to be replaced in battle by any other character. So, you can spice up combat a bit if you're into that kind of thing.

Secondly is the greatest goddamn item in any role-playing game ever made: The Time Shifter. It makes the previously useless R2 button the best button on the controller. Why, you ask?

Namely due to the fact that holding it will cause the game to move at 3x speed. Yes, a fast forward button in a JRPG! It works during long, plodding dialogue, it works in-battle, and it works backtracking across maps. It is just a wonderful thing that sadly just about no game ever since ripped off.

It can also slow down time if you want to make battles into a Zack Snyder movie for whatever reason.

There is one more new item we obtain in this secondary playthrough. We just need to finish this deceitful prologue first. You can't even have Fargo here yet, game! What are you even doing?!

Upon waking up back in Arni Village, Serge...somehow...wakes up with the Time Egg. Sure, why not? So, what do we use the Time Egg for when we've yet to even fall between dimensions?

Why, go murder the shit out of the Time Devourer and Schala for alternate endings, of course! Yes, just like in Chrono Trigger there are alternate endings obtained by just going and wrecking Lavos' shit early on in the story. There are 10 alternate endings to Chrono Cross and we'll be seeing all of 'em before this LP is over.

We could go see the first one right now... But, that is a tale for another time...