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Part 93: Overtime E: Separate Ways (Part 4) - The Brat

Overtime E: Separate Ways (Part 4) - The Brat

So, not less than twenty seconds after the single-headed Hydra is slain, all the dwarves pack-up shop and book it out of the forest to go rape, pillage, and plunder Fairyville seek a new home now that evil humans have killed the forest.

Music: Another Guldove

But, that isn't anything to worry about at the moment. With the Hydra Humour in hand, Serge can now return to Kid's aid in creating the antidote. The wind is kind of taken out of this whole set-up's sails when you know that Kid would have just had a magical time reset button pressed should she have succumbed to the poison.

Don't add plot devices that renders hours of progress irrelevant, game! People notice that kind of shit if they ever replay it.

Anyhow, giving the key component of the anti-venom to Doc will allow him to whip up an antidote in a jiffy. Also, I'm curious as to where the hell Doc is surfing. El Nido must have the flattest breaks this side of a pond.

Kid is appreciative Serge went to the effort of saving her either way and will rejoin the party at this point. This is nice, seeing as there was a terrible amount of loot in enemies' pockets being left unscathed without a thief in the party.

In this path, Doc's mind is just simply TOO UTTERLY BLOWN about the revelation of the other world to even fathom joining the party. He must ponder the meaning of life, the universe, and everything amidst a cloud of mind expanding vapor to come to terms with a whole alternate universe. So, that is why he is unobtainable. Macha just never interacts with Serge again after he wakes up in her house. Her son is slightly less of a fuckheads in this scenario, insomuch as he doesn't throw a juvenile tantrum in her living room causing her to intervene, so she has no reason to do so.

Speaking of intervention, Korcha's equally shitty sister, Mel, decides it would be cute to steal Kid's shit at some point in the night while she's still recovering.

It turns out the whole element grid thing is an actual slot machine people possess and Mel made off with all of Kid's magic cassette tapes she had stuck in it. Or, at least that's what the game tells me. In truth, I stripped her of everything but what little clothes were on her back after she nosedived off the cliff in Viper Manor. But, this is just leading to an annoying new recruit anyway...

Turns out Mel stole those with the sole purpose of being a little bitch. Holy shit, that kid has a creepy infant baby head! What kind of ghoulish distorted proportions are those...?

In any case, Korcha says he'll get them back from his little shit of a (clearly not related at all) sister. Which you can do and he will eventually. But, that would mean relying on Korcha for something and frankly: fuck that noise.

So, instead you're forced to chase Mel all around Guldove. Or rather, just back to the "Residential Tower" where only Korcha and his family lives.

"You idiot. That's whatCHA get for messin' with my customers!"
"That should be enough. We've got me stuff back, and there's been no harm done. Don't worry about such minor stuff. I say it's already forgiven... Let's just leave it at that. Besides... The little 'un's got some guts to steal from a member of the Radical Dreamers! Hahaha!!!"
"Kid, are there actually any *other* members of your Radical Dreamers group...?"
"Well... Uhh...we ain't got a very strong presence in El Nido yet... But, just ya wait!"

Mel stops crying long enough to throw a tantrum...

"I've got a name too, you know!? It's Mel!!!"
"Oooh, how feisty...!? So she's got real spirit, too! But weren't ya cryin' just now? Or were ya just fakin' it? I tell ya... She's gonna be a real mean one when she grows up! Hahaha!"
"...WhatCHA mean by that?"
"I think she just called you a b-"
"Whoops! I guess you're still a little 'un. Don't worry, just forget it!'
"Arrrgh... Ohhh, I said, don'tCHA call me a 'little 'un!!!'
"Yeah, Kid. Next time remember to add the 'c' and the 't'."

Doing that whole dumb little sidequest will unlock Mel the next time Serge and Kid come to Guldove.

A return visit later...

"...Huh? Ya need to talk to me? Go ahead, speak up."
"Umm, Mel would like to speak to you in private if possible..."
"Sure, whatever. That's fine with me."

Mel and Kid have a discussion alone. You don't get to hear much of it. But, the topic is Mel wants Kid to back off with her broth. Korcha has a thing for Kid. Kid finds him and insufferable faggot like everyone else. Mel is just adopted and thus has a really unsettling crush on her adoptive brother and doesn't want Kid getting in the way.

Caim had the right idea with all the child murder. JRPG kids are fucking creepy and should be put down ASAP.

Mel will give the party one last terrible alternate text frame...

...and become the very last member of Team Rejected for next to no reason at all. Mel is probably down there with Sneff and Pierre as one of the very most useless characters in the entire game. The only thing she sort of has going for her is she is one of three characters that can steal from enemies. Except...there is no point in the game where you will have Mel and not the superior in every way Kid (and later Fargo), so... Yeah... About as useful as an asshole on my elbow. Just like the rest of the CHA Clan...

Mel's Techs
(Note: I have absolutely no idea what Mel's dual-tech with Kid is supposed to do. Raise the chance of the RNG giving a rare steal...? Raise accuracy? Compound Mel's uselessness? It is a mystery to me.)

Mel Official Art - Fear Thief Lord Babyhead