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Part 94: Overtime F: A Look at New Game Plus (Part 2) - The Mystical Knights

Overtime F: A Look at New Game Plus (Part 2) - The Mystical Knights

Welcome back to the wild world of New Game + and its wondrous features. Alright, so they're not all that wondrous but eh...the next one is pretty neat. This requires returning to the Bend of Time in the second playthrough.

Music: A Narrow Space Between Dimensions

You may recall that locked door in the back of the End of Time homage. Unlike the mysterious door in the Programmer's Ending, this one will actually unlock in the second playthrough.

Back here, the party will come upon a huge phallic octopus critter. Take a wild guess as to who this delightful fellow is supposed to be.

"Wanna go for it? Three laps should be enough."
"Three laps...?"
"Yeah, pal. Three laps outta do it."
"Why do you want us to run laps...?"
"Look, pal. It's just tradition."
"Who's tradition?"
"Will you just run the laps already?!"
"Geez... Fine, fine. Sheesh."

So, Spekkio makes Team Serge run three laps (clock-wise, of course) around the room before proceeding.

"Well, battle away!"
"What, with you...?"
"Eh. Maybe some other time, kid. I was talkin' about these jokers..."

Spekkio fades away... In his place...

Some familiar faces from Chrono Trigger show up. Sure, why not?

"They look pretty incompetent to me."
"Yeah, but you gotta give 'em credit for making it inside this room."
"We're the three mystical knights!"
"Either of you two ever heard of these losers...?"
"Never seen 'em in me life."
"Just because my name is a Chrono Trigger reference doesn't mean I know anything about what happened in that title."
"Sorry, jerks. Never heard of ya."
"Silence, human! And kneel before the Great Ozzie!"
"The Super Slash!"
"Plus don't forget Flea!"

"Meh... Ain't the first time I've kicked the shit outta strangers for little to no reason. Let's do it!"

And so the first and only special battle of Chrono Cross begins. The party is once more thrown into the Darkness Beyond Time to do battle with Magus' chucklefuck lackeys Ozzie, Slash, and Flea.

Ozzie has apparently grown a wicked Mohawk between games (at least one much more impressive one than that rammer, Korcha) but is otherwise unchanged.

He is probably the first of the three mystical knights the party ought to go after as he has a very annoying spell that makes all three of his party completely invincible for several turns from both physical and magical attacks.

Flea has gotten a haircut and new outfit, but retained the penis between the two game. Yes, that is a dude.

The pink trannie ought to be the second target in the battle as s/he has a host of status effecting spells that can really toss a wrench into any battle plans. Especially, when he caused confusion on Serge, who immediately decapitated Kid and frozen Glenn at the start of my first attempt. Real great teamwork, guys.

Slash seems to be showing off his chiseled blue chest this time around. The blue baldy hits like a truck with physical attacks, but lacks much anything beyond that.

He also seems to have pilfered Glenn's move set for some additional damage dealing. On that note, it is worth mentioning that all three of those jokers can be obtained for Sprigg's doppelganger ability. Slash, in particular, is very much worth getting as he is part of one (of two in the game) Triple Techs with Serge and Kid. There are a few found accessories in the game (the Forget-Me-Not-Pot) which will allow doppelganger creatures to be captured without Sprigg actually being in the party. I had Serge and Glenn armed with 'em for this fight.

There's also some...interesting loot to be stolen in this fight. Flea has a rare steal of his bra "vest". The Flea Vest adds a +13 to magic defense but...the wearer (males only!) is afflicted with Exhaustion and Cursed as a result of wearing it. Ghastly.

Anyhow, that is three more characters from Chrono Trigger killed off by the sequel. Keep on truckin' you crazy game. Keep on truckin'.

The reward for defeating the trio once and for all is kind of shitty. The Slasher is a pretty decent sword that raises the critical hit percentage, not unlike the Mastermune. But, it is way outclassed by the Rainbow equipment. The Dreamer's Sash is pretty meh...all it does is start the wearer's element grid at Level 2. Ozzie's boxers Pants (worn on your head) will add a +13 physical defense at the drawback of causing Afraid, Confusion, and Darkness status... Gross.

The real reward for beating the trio comes from talking to the maybe-Spekkio after the battle.

"I'll give you somethin' real nice. I'll only give you 3 hints. Well, let's make it less than 20 laps. Hummmm-baa! OK, I thought of a number. Go for it."

So, Spekkio will make you run laps again and you need to guess the number he thought up. The number is random but less than 20. And you are allowed to guess four times (with a hint of how close for the first three.) He only has a "it's a ways off" "you're pretty close" and "almost there" hint, so it's not too hard to get right. I had eight this time. If you mess, up, the party can just leave the room and return to try again.

The party will receive the very fancy Dreamer's Sarong, an accessory that will fill the element gauge at the start of every battle to Level 8, for their efforts. Spiffy... Even if it's so late in the game you'd need it only so you could use elements without killing the enemy in question while filling the gauge up...


And that is that...

Slash, Serge, and Kid's Z-Slash

Ozzie Official Art from Chrono Trigger

Slash Official Art from Chrono Trigger

Flea Official Art from Chrono Trigger