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Part 99: Alternate Ending #4: Korcha Marries Macha

Alternate Ending #4: Korcha Marries Macha

Alright...this is more like Alternate Ending 3.5, but it does have a new scene so meh...close enough... For this one, Kid needs to have recovered from the poisoning business by going after the Hydra Humour with Korcha.

Music: Optimism

All this alternate...alternate ending does is change Kid's scene. It is still the same set-up with Serge working in Lisa's Element Shop.

And the scene with Leena getting a verbal smack down still occurs. But afterwards...

Kid wanders into the store...

"...and get laid something fierce. Sheesh."

"I hope you're not cheatin' the shop of all this booty!"
"Please... Serge would never do something like that!"
"Besides I'm getting all the booty I can handle already."
"Hah... I was just kiddin'! Let's see here... You got any good Elements?"

"You really don't talk much, do you? How do you expect to do good business?"
"Oh...that was a serious question...? Man...I dunno the first thing about this crap. Hell, I don't even how I got here. I woke up this morning and Blondie here was all over me and her dad was giving me a paycheck, so I just rolled with it."

"Listen you...!!! Got off yer high horse! Just because you won the Viper Festival beauty pageant... You only won because this town is filled with a bunch of hags! Just remember that!"
"Well, I heard somewhere that a certain blond girl couldn't even make it to the preliminary round."
"Oh man...harsh... You gonna take that, Kid? Show her whose boss. Hold up, let me go get the camera."

Kid broods about her misfortune in judges frowning about dirty, half-dressed vagrant fashion. To make matter worst...

"Don'tCHA worry, Kid. I voted for ya!"
"Sheesh...! I'm honored!"
"Aww, Kid... You've got your very own creep stalker that full admits to leering at you already."
"Well don't I feel like the bloody belle of the ball..."

Kid storms off out the door grumbling to herself. Though, Korcha continues his creepy spiel none the wiser because, as stated many times, Korcha is kind of a moron.

Instead, Macha wanders in and watches her embarrassment of an offspring make an ass of himself.

"How about just getting' engaged for now, you know...!? We'll have a blast together! I'll treat ya right! We can go fishin' everyday and I'll take you anywhere thatCHA wanna go in my boat! We'll settle down in Guldove and raise a happy family!"

'"Well,' what?"
"Well, I never thought I'd see anyone accidentally propose to their own mother but...there really people out there that are such massive fuck-ups that they can pull it off... Who knew...?"
"The barrel has no bottom in El Nido."

"Aren'tCHA happy with the way things are, now?"
"Ma!? WhatCHA doin' here?"
"Aren't I allowed to go shoppin'!?"
"Any time, Ms. Macha."
"We've got a firm no shirt, no shoes, no service policy though. Your son has managed to violate both of those rules and seemingly the implied 'no pants as well' unwritten rule. He's gonna have to take a hike...permanently."

"Ya sure? He still doesn't sound like his balls have dropped yet."
"From where I'm standing it doesn't look like it either."

"W-Whatever, ma!"

The rest of the ending plays out as before... Oh Korcha, if you weren't on Team Rejected you'd be battling with Steve and Poshul for top worst character.

Music: Fragments of a Dream

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