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Part 27: Spekkio, End Of Time

Waffleman_ posted:

It has been forever since we left the fair and nature is calling.

Relieve yourself in the handy bucket.

TooMuchAbstraction posted:

You beat me to it. Fill the bucket.

ultrafilter posted:

But do it violently.

Hmm, good point. You haven't used the bathroom for eons. Literally, with all the time travel. You relieve yourself into the bucket and it all disappears into the twinkling sparkle. You have no idea where it went.

You wonder if it was transported to some distant dimension, or if it was disintegrated. You guess you'll never know.

Anyways, the old man heard you and briefly mutters a 'hello'. He says you've arrived at the End Of Time because you entered a portal with more than three people. He says it has something to do with limitations of the space-time continuum, but we all know it's just limitations of the game's cartridge. Anyways, he tells you that behind the door is Spekkio, a monster that teaches magic. You already know magic, so there's that. Its appearance depends on your own strength. If you're weak, it'll appear weak. If you're strong, it'll appear strong.

GilliamYaeger posted:

Go fight Spekkio

Since Spekkio gets stronger as you get stronger, I look forward to seeing what kind of insane monstrosity he has become.

Curious as to what its appearance will be at SL99 on new game+++++++, you enter the door.

You peer in and immediately regret the decisions in your life that have led you to this moment--

"Surprise, motherfucker!"

Welp, you'll be okay, since Spekkio always fights non-lethally, but you did get your ass kicked.

Also, the resulting explosion accidentally killed the old man.


What now?