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Part 30: Magus's Castle, 420AD

Spoilers Below posted:

I think we're good. We can get PCLO later. Let's go get Magus TNKS! He's got sweet battle music and 6,666 HP!

Sure, let's go straight to Magus.

Chrono Trigger OST - The Masamune

Aw, hell yiss! Using the might of three Masamune's, your party summons down some sweet magick to break down the barrier to Magus's Castle.

In fact, you level the entire mountain. Heh. That probably won't have any long-term ramifications in the future, right? There's a cave entrance, so you go through it.

Upon emerging on the other side, the camera pans up to a shot of Magus's Castle against the moon. It's very spooky and obvious that a lot of the budget went into creating this single shot for the game. Surely we are at a pivotal moment in the game's plot. You enter the castle and find yourself confronted with the single most horrible thing you could have imagined:

AGING ROCKSTARS! You come face-to-face with Ozzy, Slash, and Flea. What will you do!?