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Part 41: It's Cold Outside, 5000BC

AJ_Impy posted:

That floating hand to your left looks delicious.

nine-gear crow posted:

Indeed. Our party shall be GOKU, The Robot, and The Floating Hand.

The hand is not a party member. That said--


You have acquired a floating hand!

Bregor posted:


We decide to take CHCH and her grandma.

Shei-kun posted:

This way we can, in fact, de-equip LEAN's dress and wear it as our own. Also, give CHCH's outfit to LEAN. CHCH can have something from our inventory, like a stupid PRSMDRSS.

LEAN politely declines to de-equip her dress. She recalls the last time she let her dress out of her sight--and glares at GOKU.

Anyways, you go back to the End Of Time and go in that cool new portal:

You appear inside of a cave.

You exit the cave and find yourself inside of a massive wind and snow storm. You can barely see the world around you. You squint and think you make out a strange building in the distance. Check it out, or wander around the snowy wasteland?