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Part 49: The Kingdom Of Balandor, 5000BC

nine-gear crow posted:

Dislodge SKIP SRNO from his pulverized limbs and take him with you to see this so-called "Queen."

You make a move to remove the old man, but CHCH stops you. She doesn't seem to trust you around dead bodies--reminds you that eating corpses is not acceptable.

Albis09 posted:

-Use your knowledge of the game and it's bosses, as well as all your items to beat the idiot

-Take of his glove


-Cross dimensions to the Kingdom of Balandor, raid it and blame everything on that idiot

-Bonuspoints if you defeat the secret boss CSNA and recruit her

Heh, yeah, this sounds like a good idea! You cross the air bridge looking for a usable dimensional portal. You enter the beautiful sky town and--

--huh, welp. Looks like you didn't need to find a portal to get to the Kingdom Balandor. Looks like the new Queen has succeeded in renaming it, if this sign is anything to go by.

Regalingualius posted:

>Provoke the giant robot, then trick it into running off of the island to fall to its' death

>Loot and burn the Kingdom Formerly Known as Zeal down to the ground

You wander over to take a look at the giant robot. It doesn't look as though anyone is piloting it. As you approach, you trip and fall.