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Part 1

Tick tock, tick tock...


Yes, kids, it's that time again. We've had two CT threads in the past, both of which have failed, and one that... went in its own direction. Why attempt this again, when the game has an apparent stigma of incompletion surrounding it?

The story of Chrono Trigger should be told. Released in 1995 by RPG giant, Squaresoft, CT was a more-than-welcome change from the rigid, turn-based systems of Final Fantasy. Boasting such innovations as "time travel" and "robots", Chrono Trigger was a smash hit success, and continues to be so even to this day.

It's a universally-loved game, and anyone that doesn't at least like it is stupid and will have no access to my Enertron when Lavos blows everything up. You can go hungry AND tired, you fucking communists.

Let's Listen to Chrono Trigger!

Rather than straight up host MP3s of the music of this game, I'll be using the SPC files. Why bother with SPC files? They're tiny, compared to MP3s, and there's absolutely no loss in quality.

What's Needed

Winamp - It's Winamp, it's a music player.

Winamp2 SPC Player Plugin - This plugin will allow Winamp to recognize and play SPC files. Simple as that.

Once both Winamp and the plugin are installed, you're all set. That's it. Enjoy.

Chrono Trigger's battle system is deceptively complex. While each character only has three separate options (Attack, Tech and Item), the enemies do throw some curveballs at you, and use status effects quite often. As you can see here, you have the option of choosing Active, or Wait. Selecting Wait causes no one to take any actions when deciding your own, giving you the time to decide what exactly you want to do.

Only pussies choose Wait.

Now, all good stories start off small.

Chrono Trigger starts with a kid.

This kid has a name.

What is his name?

It is not DONGS.