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Part 17

Chapter 2: 2300 A.D.
Part 4

We're back!

Living rat statues.

My sentiments exactly.

And then the seeds were inserted into an R2 unit.

Wow, that was reaching. I'm sorry.

AhahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAhahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahaahahaha that is RUDE

Oh, by the way, you need water and sunlight to grow a plant. Hahahaha, fuck you, losers.

Jet bike you say?

Let's go straight there!

Shut the fuck up, all right?


First up, we head down and to the left...

Not really. We've already met a talking frog.

Going down a level leads us to a neat little puzzle.

And, sure enough, there's a bunch of little traps for you to make noise with.

So, what do I, a seasoned Chrono Trigger player do?







After a nice and hefty bit of experience, we move back up to the first level...

This bridge leads nowhere, by the way.

Slip through that little crack.

The path is cleared.

Go back around and cut through the top...

Simple enough.

Head forward a bit more...


Right, whatever.

Move on a bit more...

I wouldn't mind investing.

And then Krawlie died.

After a bit more running around, we find one last ladder, leading to the exit.

Now, see, when I said "most updated equipment", that's because I hadn't gone to the sewers yet.

Don't doubt me again.

Lastly, activate the bridges for an easy way back.

What's up top the ladder? I'll bet you want to know.

You'll have to wait until later.