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Part 19

Chapter 2: 2300 A.D.
Part 6

Well, he does have a beer gut.

I did not murder them!

Go ahead. Post a thread. I'll wait.

Okay, let's move on.

Plug it back in?

In the future, everything still sucks.

Okay guys, decide who I leave behind.



Yeah fucking right. I'll take socially inept fire-shooting girl any day.

To the factory!

First step once we get inside is to deactivate that little guard beam on the right.

To which Frank does easily.

... by overloading the console with robot manliness.

But first!

A new enemy type!

In the factory, there's two new enemies, called Alkali and Acid. They're both low HP enemies with really, really high defense. They're susceptible to Slash, and _____'s Bolt Sword which you find in here , but otherwise, you just beat them until they die. The red ones are Acid, and less susceptible to lightning-based attacks.

Frank is awesome.


So, we head to the right first, as there's only goodies on that side, while the left side continues the game.

Almost immediately, I piss off the crane.

That looks really painful.

The crane drops you on the upper conveyer belt, and passes you through all of those little hut things, where...

You fight...

And fight.

Then it spits you out on the bottom.

There's a doorway to the south, by the way.

It leads to a bunch of soon-dead bugs.

It leads us to the upper platform, and eventually, the crane.

Going north and entering the first door leads us to...

I wonder what that corresponds to.

Next up is the crane room itself.

First up, B B. That means you press B twice. Fun puzzles.

And then X A.

Access granted to that door in the upper left, which leads us into...

That sewer access run seems so worth it, now.

Here's what we were looking for. This comes in handy over in the lab.

So, we go into the lab.

Here you can see the Alkalines.

Because Frank isn't powerful enough.

Maybe I should have called him Tarzan.

Not scary in the least.

In any case, we now have access to the elevator.

Which allows you to go up and down.

Going up eventually takes us to the first floor, nothing special.

Going down leads us to the final part of this dungeon.

And the final puzzle.

XABY, yo.

And finally, the generators are turned back on.

And, of course, that activates the security.

Time to get the hell out of here.

Part 2 coming once this video is done processing.