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Part 56

Chapter 9: All over the place
Part 3

All right, we're hitting the final, final part of the game. After this update, all that's left is plastering Lavos' face against the wall.

First order of business is to get two rocks that we've overlooked. First, there's one in the Laruba Ruins in 65,000,000 B.C...

This Nu, for one reason or another, offers to change the name of the lead character.

However, as you leave, he gives you the Silver Rock! Next stop, 600 A.D., Denadoro Mts.!

This little number is Gatling Kick.

_____ and Velma create a ball out of lightning and fire (I guess) while ?!?!? does what she does best: go apeshit.

It deals single target physical damage, and is totally awesome.

It's exceedingly painful.

Getting the last rock is kind of funny. Remember that Freelancer that hucks rocks at you?




This is a lame tech. Life Line. It casts reraise on all three people, and you only die if you suck, which I don't.

How deliciously not exciting.

This is Grand Dream, granted to us by the Gold Rock.

This is the only instance in which Mark does something cool.

It's worth noting that the Gold Rock is completely unobtainable until after you have retrieved the Masamune II.

Because of that. Grand Dream is a Desperation attack, which deals damage based on HP.

This is Omega Flare, which is used through the Blue Rock.

Frank leaps high into the air while Jimmy and Velma cast a spell on him, and he rains down humongous laser beams on the enemy.

Followed by some badass explosions. Omega Flare deals Shadow damage.

This is Spin Strike, from the Silver Rock.

Definitely one of the cooler looking ones.

Then again, anything where Toad makes that pose is cool.

And... yeah. That's it. Every Triple Tech in the game.

Next update? LAVOS.