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Part 3: Update Three: Where The Hell Are We?

Update Three: Where The Hell Are We?

Welcome back! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, we saw Marle go into the Warp and we bravely followed her. Today, we're going to figure out just where we are, so let's bounce.

We had been in the Truce Canyon. Hmm.

And the music on the overworld here is fucking awesome. For an alternate version, click me!

If you'll recall, the town where Chrono lives was called Truce, but looked nothing like this. Where's his house?

Inside the Inn, we're berated for not knowing where we are.

Wait, the Fiendlord? We've heard something about that, during the Fair.

Actually, no, we didn't.

Perhaps in a manner of speaking. Let's talk to some of the other people here.



(ˈmʌm ə ri)

n., pl. -mer•ies.
1. a performance by mummers.
2. any absurd, false, or ostentatious performance or ceremony. "

Maybe not exactly the best term, but it works. Basically, there isn't time around here for that kind of shit.

Oh, she's one of those adventurous queens. But what would she be doing where we landed?

One thing I love about this game is that when you're talking to most people, you can move around while their text boxes are on screen. You'll see more than one shot where I'm running around like a fool

That's the only route there? We don't have boats? Does nobody know how to swim?

If you look, you can see someone new has walked into the Inn.

Remember this guy; we'll see him a few more times during our journey. We'll buy him a drink. $10 isn't that much.

: Another mug!

: Well then, a promise is a promise! It's about the missing Queen. My travels have taken me to the Cathedral in the western wood, and there's something most peculiar about that place. It's only a hunch, but --

Perhaps they were, but video games have taught me to distrust most organized religions. There's usually a Pope or something wanting to take over or something. Or else they're all dicks.

We won't stay, but we will run upstairs to see what we can loot.

There's just one thing of interest in here.

A mysterious force seals it shut.

We'll be back for this later. Much later.

Now it's time for the part where we barge into people's homes and interrogate them about whatever the silent protagonist asks about.

: The Queen's vanishing act had me wondering if all this work would be for naught. After all, what's the bell without the Queen, eh? But it seems they found her in the canyon up north. She's back at the castle now, and I'm back to work.

This isn't the only time we'll see Taban's sprite reused. Hell, we already saw it at the Fair; ol' Flattop here is rather popular.

...I've got a theory on why we're here, and perhaps this is more than just a reuse of the Taban sprite.

Well, folks, who among you has put it together? Who knows where we are?

I've got in good authority that it won't be very much longer.

This is the Market, and it's southwest of the house we were just at and north of the other Residence.

This guy has good (if "no shit") advice for you, which pops up in a lot of RPGs.

And this fucker is pushy that we spend some of our hard earned cash.

Chrono gets some new duds and a new sword. I shouldn't have bought the armor (I usually never do), but too late now. Besides, it feels good to buy new stuff.

Let's get to the meat of this update.

It's not the forest, even though we'll spend some time here. The forest isn't a proper dungeon, but it's got some goodies hidden around and some new enemies.

Right of the entrance, we encounter a palette swapped Imp already.

And in Chrono Trigger, there aren't random encounters. They're initiated by either running into the enemy or stepping on the proper spot on the map; if you know where you're going and do it right, you can avoid most of the fights in this game. And running around a few fights here and there won't really hurt you in the long run; the game isn't very difficult and it fairly generous with good stuff.

I, however, fight as much as I can. Green Imps here are nothing to write home about, with 32 HP, and they drop 4 exp. They have the same kick the Blue Imps do, and can kick rocks at you for small damage. If your attack doesn't kill them, they'll counter with a small damage kick.

Down and right from that, we find two shinies! However, one of these is a trap.

By going to this one, you trigger another encounter.

Two of these guys pop out of the ground.

But, that's not all! Two Green Imps come over and jump on up.

It's like the Mega-Zord, except they suck and don't fight giant monsters. They've got 30 HP and nothing to set them apart, other than them being two enemies working together. I don't remember any of their attacks, nor did I see any.

The other rock has this treasure for us to enjoy. Strength Capsules (called Tabs in the SNES version) raise a character's Strength by one point when used.

See? A little blue 1 and Chrono is that much stronger. He'll deal a touch more damage now. Most characters benefit from more Strength, but some, like Marle, don't.

While I'm here in the menu, Chrono has another Tech available to learn, but it'll be a while before we learn it. It's also Light elemental, and can hit multiple enemies at once.

And you'll notice that we're no longer listed in the Present. We're now in the Middle Ages.

North of the Strength Capsule is a trapped bush. Three Roundillos pop out and are quickly sent to their graves.

A monster pops out of this bush, too, but it's not a fight.

It runs off, dropping a Shelter for us. At save points and on the world map, we can use one of these to restore our party to full HP and MP.

Chrono gains one level here from the various fights. I also end up using a Potion, since there's quite a few enemies around here if you're trying to get them all for their delicious exp.

South of that, we wind up to the east of the entrance. We could have gone this way to begin with, to take a bit of a shortcut through the forest, but then we miss out on the Strength Capsule that way.

Blue Eagles, which we saw in Truce Canyon, but not as fightable enemies, have 16 HP and can potentially drop Panaceas.

There's a lot of impressive sprite work in this game, and it really shows; when you get this shot of Chrono critting, you actually see him from a different angle.

North of the Blue Eaglets is the exit to this place. But there's a little more looking around to do before we hit the castle.

Granted, it's about as interesting as toenail clippings right now, but it's still there.

For now, let's head in here. I'm sure nothing bad will happen.

Well, that didn't take long.

"No, please, Toriyama just doesn't know how to dress men!"

In the SNES version, he gives you the advice to go back and play with your stamp collection. He also calls you "son".

I'll only take so much more of this, you--

Uh-oh. Mom noticed us fighting! Act casual!

Is it the hair that's longer than his arms? I bet it's that.

Now that's what I'm talkin' about.

Hey, wait a second, isn't there something familiar about this Queen?

Nah, it can't be. I must be imagining things.

Personally, it's hard for me to dislike someone just doing their job.

I'd bet not even the Queen could save us if we ended up in hot water with the King.

So let's just strut on in there. Surely, we can impress the King with our bravado.

Quick, show of hands, who thinks this guy is going to be a dick?

The Chancellor just walks away from us, but this guy is cool. If we need a free heal, we can go rest in the Knights' Quarters.

Uh, didn't they find her in Truce Canyon? I'm pretty sure we didn't see her there, at all, and we've had no other interactions with her outside of where she got the guards off our backs.

: Might you know what befell Leene? She has been acting rather oddly since her return. And she seems to have lost the coral hairpin she always wore. She always treasured that thing so. Forgive me, you must be tired. Please, rest in the knights' quarters down the stairs to the left. I'll speak to the Commander.

Not that I don't appreciate the offer, King Guardia XXI, but I've got a Queen to see about a horse.

Or something. We're going to see the Queen, is what I'm saying.

We have to trudge up a shitload of stairs to reach where the Queen stays. It makes sense, kind of, since we can see the size of the castle before we enter. It's a nice touch, making the castle seem as big inside as it does outside.

There's a treasure chest there, but we just got here. I don't feel comfortable stealing from the castle quite yet.

Another set of steps (not shown) and we're at the top.

We've still got a layer of security to go through, despite the Queen having given us permission to be here. Another nice touch, since it actually makes it seem like she's a valued Queen and not just some crazy woman in a dress.

Well, some women just age well. They've got repertoires of creams, pills, washes, masks, and blood sacrifices to keep them looking youthful.

I believe my final point above would cover that, ma'am.

And, yeah, I didn't talk to the other maid. I also don't remember what she says.

I'm not going to use the here, despite the temptation. Besides, I know you're all not reading what's written here and are just thinking it.

And those two clear out, surely to go gossip about what's (or who's) going down in the Queen's chambers.

And so we do.

: Fooled you, didn't I, Chrono?

I doubted you fooled anyone, Marle.

Oops, I guess I spoiled it in my last comment. But, hey, it's Marle!


: We were only together for that short time at the fair, but somehow I knew you'd come for me. Thank you, Chrono.

Somebody had to get the plot rolling; you did your part by disappearing and Chrono did his.

Le gasp! It's not going to be as easy as it appears!?

Light begins shooting out of Marle and Chrono ineffectually raises his hands, trying to help. He doesn't know what to do here. He's desperate to help in any way.

...Oh, shit, that wasn't good.