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Part 10: Update Ten: Why Does A Prison Need A Tank!?

Update 10: Why Does A Prison Need A Tank!?

Welcome back, folks! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, Chrono busted out of prison, Lucca came to save him far too late to be of any help, and we found a classified document about a Dragon Tank. Today, we're going to finish our great escape, so let's bounce.

We're so close to the end; surely, nothing will come up here that could halt our progress.

The entire screen starts to shake; I'd have shown a .gif here, but I can't get it to cooperate.

Edit: Alright, kids, thank Uncle Explosionface again; he once again saved my bacon and told me what I did wrong.

I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, Lucca. I'm sure the classified document we just read was just a bit of fluff.

The screen shakes here, too, but I didn't .gif it up, either. Just pick up your monitor and wiggle it around for the effect.


This seems a little excessive, Chancy!

"Woop-woop woop woopwoop!"

I'm including this shot, as I like Lucca's sprite here.

And so, we begin our second boss battle. To see the video, click here.

This is the first of many fights that feature bosses with multiple parts. As the message up top says, the head heals damage done to the other parts of the tank.

It heals a pretty fair chunk, too. Chrono, on the head and wheel, can outdamage the healing, but not by much.

The targets here are the Wheel, Head and Body, which Chrono is currently attacking.

Chrono can't outpace defeating the body with the head's healing, but the head doesn't heal every turn.

It might seem best to start with the Head, to eliminate the boss' healing ability, but I prefer to destroy the Wheel first.

Lucca doesn't deal a ton of damage; even with Flamethrower, she'll only about double that.

Chrono deals much better damage to the Wheel; with 203 HP, he'll be able to take it down pretty quickly.

This is why I like to take the Wheel out first.

It can use an attack that deals a ton of damage.

The Body can shoot missiles at party members.

Which looks like it should hurt like absolute hell.

However, it's not too threatening.

The Head can also attack, by spitting fire at you. It's appropriate, since it's supposed to be a dragon.

It deals a decent amount of damage, too.

The Wheel falls rather quickly.

The Body has a counter, too.

It can shoot you with goddamned laser beams.

Also not a ton of damage, but if can add up if you're pounding away at the Body. It has 266 HP, so you could probably beat it in a damage race, but with the Head randomly lighting you up or healing the Body, it's best to be cautious.

While this fight isn't difficult, it can fuck you up if you're not careful. An effective strategy is to use Fire Whirl on the Body and Wheel; unlike the Head, they take damage from Fire and Lightning.

However, since I was making sure to show all the boss can do, I just pounded it down with physical attacks.

The Head has 600 HP and takes a bunch of damage from physicals; Chrono could outpace its healing here, since he's doubling what it can heal.

Once the Head is destroyed, this battle becomes far less threatening. With just the Body left, it's mainly dealing damage through its counter.

Also, look at that fucking sprite; how badass does Chrono look? I love the spritework in this game.

40 exp isn't a ton, but you also get $500 and 5 TP (if you need it) from beating the Tank.

If there's one part of the video you should watch, it's where Chrono finishes the Tank.

Chrono readies his blade.

And leaps onto the dying and broken Tank.

He slams his sword into the Tank's body, hitting exactly what he needs to to really wreck its day.

And then rips his blade free.

And the Tank begins to explode.

I'd really like to see the plan here for fixing the exploding Tank. I'm really curious about what kind of tools you bring to that.

Imagine that, trying to repair the exploding tank is a bad idea!

Well, this is going far worse than anticipated.

...Hey, were there people operating the Dragon Tank?

Chrono, I think you should treat this like one of those bridges at the park, the kind that are all wavy and shit when you walk over them, and just bounce the hell out of it.

I'd really like to see your goddamned plan for getting out of this, Chancy.


Alright, we're almost outta here. Just gotta get down the steps and out the front door.


Hopefully, these guys haven't gotten the memo that Chrono broke out of prison and Lucca broke into prison to rescue him.

Well, shit. Looks like we'll have to dispatch more guards.

Chrono is also on board for this plan.

Oh, by "plow on through" Lucca meant that we're just going to run like our asses are on fire.

Straight into another pair of guards.

I wonder who that is.

Once again, Marle shows up, in royal garb, to save our bacon.

"Never you mind that he broke out of prison, killed and knocked out several guards, looted every chest of the place, and destroyed our Dragon Tank and killed the Chancellor."

I don't think this is how this exchange would go in a real world setting.

How the fuck did you make it out of the human centipede bridge?

He's got a point here. I'd much rather sit on the couch, eating Cheetos and watching HD pornography, but I still go to work and update my LP.

With this, I also think Marle has a point. She is a human being, after all, and being a Princess shouldn't override that.

I'm sure the time travel was okay, but I think the temporary wipe from existence probably wasn't good for her.

I can't think of anything suitable to say here.

Don't be hasty now, Marle; I'm sure it's a pretty good life living here in the castle.

Welp, never mind.

Thankfully, she's still wearing her other clothes underneath that dress.

Marle runs off, with Lucca and Chrono following. Thankfully, the guards make no move to stop us.

Until the Chancellor gets them moving.

They don't exactly run out here; they more shuffle quickly, like they can't believe this shit is happening.

"The Kingdom is the size of a mall; it's not like you can hide for very long."

We don't make it very far before the guards catch up.

Uh, guys? There's nothing over that way.

They've got a fair point. I mean, Chrono and Marle should know that, since I explored over there. And since, y'know, Marle lives fifteen feet from where they are.

Still gonna run in that direction.

Looks like this dead-end isn't so endish after all. We've got the perfect method of escape.

Look in front of you, at the glowing blue thing!

I almost put a comment here about how Marle is stupid and blind, but eh, I like Marle, so I'll keep it to myself.

"Marle, I don't see how the YMCA dance is going to solve our problems."

: "It's fun to stay at--"

I really like this line from Lucca; it's in such sharp contrast to what a gamer would think. It's like Marle is channeling what you, the player, is thinking, while Lucca is remaining planted in the world and pointing out why this could be a terrible fucking idea.

Maybe at this time, Marle, but I'll refer back to what I said about you living in a castle and being royalty. Chrono and Lucca are in big trouble, sure, but you don't need to drag yourself down with them.

I don't know what took those guards so long to catch up (unless they were thinking that they walked into a dead end and just took their sweet time getting over here).

Go back to prison and be executed for sure, or go through time and hope for the best? Let's see what Chancy and some of those guards have to say about this.

Au contraire, my friend.

We've got plenty of places to go.

Sayonara, buttfaces!

...Oh, this doesn't look right.

Well, Marle is dead, but Chrono and Lucca made it through okay.

Never mind, Marle is okay. And she's dusting off her butt here.

I feel dirty posting that last shot.

Whoa, keep it down, Marle; that's more like sequel territory.

Well, let's see what's around. How bad can it--

Shitfuck, I think we're boned.

Next time, let's see just how boned we are. Stay tuned!

Bonus Content

So, I had an idea about something I wanted to try months back, and this is the first good opportunity I've had to try and implement it.

Dragon Tank Fight (With Commentary)