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Part 16: Update Sixteen: Henry Ford Levels Of Safety

Update Sixteen: Henry Ford Levels Of Safety

Howdy folks, and welcome back to Chrono Trigger! Last time, we entered the Derelict Factory and explored the Factory part, gaining a password we'll need, but not knowing where to put that password. Today, we'll explore the Lab, put in said password, and actually finish off the factory, so let's bounce.

This update seemed pretty short when I recorded it and took the shots, but I took over two hundred images.

Including some of these sons of bitches, the Alkali.

They're not very different from their Acid brethren, but have lower HP (at 9), lower Defense, Magic Defense, but more experience and double the cash of the Acid. They're also weak to Light.

Their Magic Defense is 250, while the Acid is 255. Five points makes a difference.

They also don't give a flying fuck if you set them on fire.

Also, here's Robo's regular attack. He runs up to the enemy and punches the shit out of them.

It's more effective against other enemies.

Christ, I have a lot of shots of this fight.

Anyways, after the fight, this computer kicks on.

But first, we snag the Shelter from that chest.

This opens a hatch with a ladder, and we can continue on.

This hallway has quite a few of these jerks in it.

Hell, we'll see plenty of them this update. Which isn't bad, as they're not a hard fight, but I tire of them quickly.

I also remember there being a lot more of them in that hall.

In this one, there's a single Acid.

An ambush! They're growing smarter!

And they've learned a pack mentality! Sons of bitches!

Wind Slash is invaluable here. I mean, you could wear them down with physicals, but they'll hurt you in return, and even though it might not be much, it'll add up over time.

Laser Spin is not as effective as it was on other enemies.

A laser gate blocks our path, but the way to take it down is right over there.

And there's treasure in here, too.

Lucca would benefit more from the extra Defense, but my logic here is that if she's hurt, Chrono is faster, so he can throw an item quicker than her; if he lives longer, he can heal better and revive her if need be.

Robo gets his first weapon upgrade here.

This puts his Attack higher than Chrono's. Most of their stats are fairly close, but Chrono is literally twice as fast as Robo, but other than that, they're both face-wrecking dudes. Robo gets extra badass points for not only being a robot, but by punching things in the face. It's very of him.

Robo nerds it up on the computer, as Chrono doesn't understand them (or something). As for why Lucca doesn't do it, I don't know.

I see no way this can be a bad thing.

Oh, well, that's one way it could be bad.


Here's another attack from the slime enemies.


That last bit of commentary is from my dog jumping on me and stepping on the keyboard. Thanks, Tanner, we appreciate your input on this attack.

It does a good chunk of damage, and it could be dangerous if multiple Acids/Alkalis did it at once. I've received reports this is a combo attack between the two, and as Explosionface told me, "But yeah, acid + base = chemical reaction that's usually hot in the process"

With that done, we pass where the laser gate was, and go to this elevator.

Going up leads us back to the beginning of this area; I hit the Save Point to use a Shelter, as Chrono is low on MP. There's a lot of Wind Slashing going on here.

But going down leads us further into the area.

As people mentioned in the thread, you can actually skip the entire Factory section if you know the password already. The entire right side of this area is unnecessary if you've played the game before.

The ladder down there leads us to this secret entrance to the computer room where we shut down the laser. I can't remember if you can take this path early to avoid laser gate shenanigans. I'm sure someone in the thread will tell me after I post this.

Anywho, back down the ladder, we head down this hallway.

That certainly doesn't look like an area for some action scene to take place in.

Everyone gets a weapon upgrade here, and I think Lucca's comes a little too late, considering the effect of it.

This seems like it should have been given to you earlier, but I guess if you came here first without knowing the password, you can use it in the Factory part. Either way, it's a good weapon and an appreciated upgrade.

We know the password here, which is XABY.

However, if you don't know it, you could potentially guess it from the name Zabie. I think it's a clever little thing, and I really like that the button combination is the security system if you say it out loud.

Punch in the code and we can enter this room.

If you know what to do here, the Derelict Factory can take like, eight minutes to blaze through.

Which I think is one of the great things about Chrono Trigger.

None of the dungeons are super hard, and for the most part, they're not very long. You get a chance to get a feel for them and the enemies, but not before they're so long, they've worn out their welcome. Chrono Trigger is pretty easy to take in bite-sized chunks, with a generous amount of save points, simple, easy and fun battles, good characters, and nothing too heavy. It's a great game if you have an hour or so to kill, as you can do enough to feel like you accomplished something.

Oop, shit just hit the fan. Let's get back to the game. This isn't the exact sound in the game, but it captures the feeling very well.

An alarm is blaring here, by the way, and you've gotta


After narrowly escaping death, Robo books it like hell, leaving his saviors behind.

Or he was going to catch that gate before it shut forever.

Chrono could theoretically help Robo there, as his Strength is only two points lower.

"Uh...How do we get him outta there?"

Oh. Solves that problem.

Robo needs to cool off, or refresh himself, or whatever. It looks cool, whatever he's doing, and there's a hissing steam sound, too.

Nothing is said there; no thanks or anything. They just run off. I know it's a crisis and all, but c'mon, at least thank the guy. He coulda been crushed into a tin can.

Hey, what's that in that vent there? I don't remember it from before.

Holy crap, it's the Blue Bot Group.

Don't know why you're yelling at us, Robo. We weren't planning on killing them.

Robo, if these guys are from the same series you are, why are they blue?

Still, good to see them. It's gotta be nice to see someone from your old life, when you thought they were all dead.

Knocking you the fuck out, son.

I disagree. Robo has done great. And the song that plays here makes this scene pretty powerful, if you ask me.

Probably some robot racism going on here. Since he doesn't have their color scheme, they hate him. Or something.

Is it because Lucca took out your "kill all humans" circuit? If so, those guys are dicks.

You can move around during this next section, and I wanted to make it look like Chrono was trying to comfort Robo. If it's any consolation, buddy, I think you're great.

I...I don't like where that could be going.

I'd like to see you try it, assbutt.

I figured he was a farmbot or something, with his dusty coloring and desire to help folks.

Whoa, hey now, that's a little extreme.

And he tosses Robo into the center of the muder-bots.

If you touch one of them during this, Chrono gets flung on his ass. I like to try and arrange it so that it looks like Chrono gets tackled.

Robo, they're trying to fucking kill you. I'd rather see them as piles of slag before I lose you.

I like to think she's talking to Chrono here; "Your blood belongs inside your body, Chrono! DON'T BE A HERO"

Robo manages to crawl away from his attackers.

But their assault isn't finished.

It ends when they take their break to cool down.

And this robot takes Robo and throws him into the chute.

Personally, bub, I don't think you've got what it takes.

The next shot is there because it's awesome.

Boss Fight Video Here; Click Me!

And it's time for another boss fight. We've got to take out the six R-Series robots.

Some of their attacks are like Robo's, but they have some unique ones, too.

Thankfully, they're not as strong as he is, otherwise we'd be proper fucked.

This fight has also convinced me of the glory of the Rage Band.

There are enough of these guys that Chrono will be countering a ton of attacks and making the fight go that much quicker. With a 50% rate of countering, Chrono is able to whittle down, if not outright kill, a few of these guys on his own.

They have 150 HP a piece, by the way. They're weak to Light, being robots and Light encompassing electric-type attacks and all that, but there's a quicker method of kicking their asses.

This is the main reason I bring Lucca along. I was discussing this fight with some friends earlier, and we came to the consensus that Marle's healing may sound appealing during this fight, Lucca can help it go fast enough you don't really need the healing. Offense is a big part of this fight, as there's enough of the R-Series that someone could very well get beat to death and the other person beaten down before they can properly revive and heal the other.

So you take Lucca with you and Fire Whirl their asses to molten slag.

They have the Robo Punch, too,.

But it's not very impressive.

And Chrono doesn't appreciate that shit at all.

As evidenced by him murdering this part of the Series in one hit. The Rage Band is good stuff, and I wish I'd known its glory earlier.

After a Fire Whirl, Chrono and Lucca both have enough Attack to finish them off in a single attack.

And he countered one of these poor fucks. You think they'd use their mighty robo-brains to realize they shouldn't be hitting the guy who'll hit back far harder than they can.

The Plasma Gun has a really cool animation for its attack, too. I don't know what plasma actually looks like, but I imagine it's something like that. It should be green, though, as Kirby taught me that much about plasma.

She also deals decent enough damage with it, too.

This is one of their unique attacks.

They play catch with a character for a bit.

And then they make like Bowser.

By hurling your ass into your companion.

You'd think it would do a lot more damage, but I'm okay with this piddly amount.

This final guy pulls off an attack I don't rightly know if I've ever seen from them before.

He explodes (non-fatally) all over the party.

And holy Christ, does that hurt.

All in all, this is not a very difficult fight, but if you're not careful, you can get your shit pushed in here. There's a lot of the R-Series and if they gang up on an individual, they can kick someone's ass in short order.

And we gain enough experience that both characters gain a level!

I hope he's okay.

Lucca pulls him out of the vent, seeing just how badly his brothers damaged him.

Especially since everything has gone to shit here.

We don't have to backtrack out of the Factory, thankfully. Even though it was only about two minutes from the exit.

Chrono and Lucca drag him back to Proto Dome.

It seems like a good sign that you're still talking.

But, that's not always a good thing to do. However, if there's someone who can fix you, Robo, I have faith in Lucca.

Yeah, bud. We saw the footage of Lavos. There's gotta be something we can do.

The only thing we can do is try. If we can prevent this future from coming to fruition...

Surely you have something you'd desire, beyond sitting in this ruined dome.

I can't imagine many people are concerned with a robot's desires. They're just kind of programmed and sent among their tasks.

The screen fades after that line.

Good morning, Robo. Are you feeling better?

: Lucca, you're incredible!

Welcome aboard, Robo.

Hell yeah we can. We'll save this entire planet--No, we'll save the entire timeline!

I could resist .gif'ing this up.

Alright, let's go wherever we--

Wait, what the hell? I don't like the looks of that; Gates never barfed out electricity before.

We'll find out where we're going next time.

Stay tuned!